Next level hot chocolate in Melbourne

Hot chocolate is a completely different creature during winter in Melbourne. When you’re craving some of your favourite chocolatey things, these cafes take it to the next level.
Mörk Chocolate Brew House
Mörk Chocolate Brew House has grown so much over the years, but it all comes back to the original Insta-famous ‘campfire’ hot chocolate for us. The steaming drink combines dark chocolate and charcoal salt with an upside down glass full of fragrant beechwood smoke, served beside a toasted vanilla bean marshmallow.

An empty glass with a roasted marshmallow on a stick and a white jug

Campfire hot chocolate at Mörk Chocolate Brewhouse

Club Colombia
Brand new on the scene, Club Colombia mostly deal in delicious arepas – grilled corn cakes stuffed with all manner of amazing flavours.  Visit them on a chilly winter morning though and you can try out their Colombian style hot chocolate – which comes served with cheese. Opt for the full experience and order with cheese already infused in the chocolate, or play it safe with cheese on the side for you to add as you wish. Delicioso!
You may know Godiva as the God of luxurious chocolate treats, but their drinkable chocolate is just as decadent. Try the ‘ultimate hot chocolate’ which comes complete with a theatrical chocolate nest, whipped cream and caramel popcorn.  Don’t be fooled by that spoon – it’s actually made from white chocolate!
A clear glass filled with hot chocolate topped with a chocolate nest and a white spoon

Godiva’s ultimate hot chocolate

The genuine Belgian hot chocolate served at Chokolait will transport you to the winter wonderland that Brussels becomes over the colder months. The rich and smooth qualities of the Hot Chokolait will warm you from the inside out. Close your eyes and picture magical street lights on a chilled night, or a cosy fireplace in a quaint cottage. Add some cinnamon, chilli or mocha for some extra flavour. Or if you’re just after a slight indulgence, try a hot chocolate shot. Now, that’s next level!
Hash Speciality Coffee
Saying the team at Hash Speciality Coffee have a thing for fairy floss would be an understatement. Clouds of fairy floss-topped hot chocolate are paraded through the cafe at all hours of the day. Featuring 85% Mörk Chocolate whipped into creamy perfection, it’s a Winter winner.
A girl pouring hot chocolate to a mug with fairy floss

The unmissable Hash Hot Chocolate

Seven Seeds
One of Melbourne’s finest speciality coffee roasters also happens to make infallible hot chocolate, because they’re serial overachievers. Blended with Mörk Chocolate, Seven Seeds in Carlton can be your morning, afternoon and evening stop. Now that’s hot.
Bowery to Williamsburg
A New York-inspired cafe along Oliver Lane, Bowery to Williamsburg offers a ‘coco deluxe hot chocolate’, but don’t come expecting glamour. Hot chocolates, including the peanut butter hot chocolate, are served in camp-style stove cups. Pair it with waffles or addictively dense NYC bagels.
Heartattack and Vine

A friendly European-style neighbourhood bar and specialty coffee establishment, Heartattack and Vine is one of Carlton’s quiet achievers. Their Spanish hot chocolate, made with house-made ganache and chilli orange syrup is an absolute winner.

A blue mug on a wooden bench filled with hot chocolate

Hot chocolate from Heartattack and Vine

When you mix food and science, the results can be magical. Dex2Rose specialise in creating decadent desserts with liquid nitrogen. But if you’re after something warmer, try ‘The Mist in the Woods’, their signature spiced hot chocolate. More like a dessert than a hot chocolate, it recreates the scene of toasting marshmallows by a smoky campfire – with some theatrics thrown in. It comes with a generous dollop of salted caramel gelato, raspberries, and toast-at-your-table home-made marshmallows.
A wooden platter with various mugs and cups on it, filled with hot chocolate and immersed in smoke

Mist in the Woods at Dex2Rose

Treat yourself to luxury hot chocolate from the comfort of your bed. Chocomama offers six hot chocolate flavours to DIY at home. ‍Choose from salted-caramel, organic Inca blend, 42% milk blend, 54% or 70% dark blend or dairy-free organic blend… or take one of each.