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The ultimate guide to takeaway hot chocolate in Melbourne

Hot chocolate is a completely different creature during winter. When you’re craving some of your favourite chocolatey things, these cafes take it to the next level. Scroll through to find your local.

A small white mug with chocolate dripping down the sides

Hot chocolate is a winter must

Lukumades, West Melbourne and Carlton

Treats are made convenient in the form of Lukumades, located in West Melbourne and on Lygon Street. Nothing goes better with their delicious golden doughy delights than a rich and creamy hot chocolate.  They even have vegan options, and extra Nutella is only $2.50. Open for takeaway, or order on the usual apps.

Seven Seeds, Carlton

One of Melbourne’s finest coffee roasters also happens to make superb hot chocolate. Blended with Mörk Chocolate, Seven Seeds can be your morning, afternoon and evening stop. Pre-order on the website then stroll through to pick up.

Heartattack and Vine, Carlton

A friendly neighbourhood spot, Heartattack and Vine is one of Carlton’s quiet achievers. Their Spanish hot chocolate, made with house-made ganache and chilli orange syrup is an absolute winner. Put in a takeaway order and grab some groceries while you’re there.
A woman holding a mug of hot chocolate

Heartattack and Vine’s hot chocolate. Pic by Grace Petrou for What’s On.

Parco, Carlton

One of Melbourne’s cutest caffeine spots, Parco is the tiny kiosk that could. Hot chocolate is by Koko Deluxe, a silky smooth mix of cocoa powder and Aussie cane sugar. It’s vegan and GF too, so opt for oat, soy or almond milk and it’s basically a health food.

Local Folk, Kensington

A neighbourhood favourite in Kensington, Local Folk is serving brunchy goodness through thick and thin. Order a chocolate bev hot or iced, with your choice of milk (yep, vegan options aplenty here). Hungry for more? You can now order the famous breakfast gnocchi for takeaway.

La Tortilleria, Kensington

Cinnamon infused hot chocolate is a chilly Melbourne must. La Tortilleria‘s online grocery store sells the ultimate Mexican choccy discs by the half kilo, so you can make it to your taste at home. It can also be used in cooking and baking. Order ahead online and pick up your choc-loaded bounty.

Mörk Chocolate Brew House, North Melbourne

Mörk is an undeniable Errol Street icon. Pop up to their window for a takeaway treat, from smooth milky flavours to super dark 85% cacao bevs. Pair it with a Swedish cinnamon bun, meringue topped doughnut or rich chocolate cake. Missing the original Insta-famous ‘campfire’ hot chocolate? Order a kit online to reignite the flame at home. Other takeaway North Melbourne spots use Mörk’s delish hot choc include Twenty & Six Espresso and Auction Rooms.

A hot chocolate in a clear glass next to a white pouring cup

Create Mork’s campfire at home

MIN the cafe, Docklands

If you want to take a slightly healthier path, MIN can serve up (or deliver to your door) a superfood-style sip. The red velvet latte blends beetroot powder, raw cacao, cinnamon, ginger and vanilla bean for an earthy chocolate hit. Classics Mork hot chocs are on the menu too, or you can opt for a malty treat with the Ovaltine latte.

Kep Whitley, Docklands

If you’re a waterside local, we’ve got great news for you. Chocolatier of choice Kep Whitley is now serving takeaway hot chocolate and treats once more. Order ahead online for a silky smooth dairy brew, or choose plant-based milks if you’re so inclined. Experiencing a sunny winter day? Grab an ice cream sandwich while you’re there.

A woman holding out a mug of hot chocolate on a saucer

Kep Whitley hot chocolate

Market Espresso, Queen Vic Market

Stop in at Market Espresso for Rumble Coffee beans, Melbourne made hot chocolate and super cute keepcups perfect for gifting. Their baristas own blend (BOB) of hot chocolate packs a dark, 70% cocoa punch – or opt for the lighter, creamier 40% cocoa range.

Chokolait, CBD

The Belgian hot chocolate from Chokolait can transport tastebuds to a winter wonderland. The chocoholics at the helm of this hole-in-the-wall spot can add cinnamon, chilli or mocha for extra flavour. Open for takeaway Wednesday to Sunday from 11am.

Bowery to Williamsburg, CBD

A New York-inspired cafe along Oliver Lane, Bowery to Williamsburg offers a ‘coco deluxe hot chocolate’, but don’t come expecting glamour. Hot chocolates are served in NYC deli-style takeaway cups. Head through for a takeaway next time you need to go through the CBD.

Please note due to current circumstances, businesses may close or run out of stock at short notice. Check with individual venues for more information.