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Where to go gluten free in Melbourne

No longer do coeliac and gluten-intolerant foodies need to meticulously pack their own gluten-free lunch five days a week – the city is packed with drool-worthy gluten free friendly food options. With lunches like these, your gluten-eating buddies won’t mind tagging along either.

A25 Pizzeria

It’s long had a reputation for great gluten-free pizzas, but A25 Pizzeria recently got the official Coeliac Australia gluten-free-accredited stamp of approval. So order that Margherita of Bunga Bunga pizza with confidence, or check out the other gluten-free options. Their three outlets, including Lonsdale Street and Docklands, have heaps of vegan dishes too, even a sweet pizza.

Two pizzas on a table, with an assortment of cheese and vegetable toppings on them

A25 Pizzeria


It’s a classic pasta bar: contemporary Italian-inspired urban design, friendly vibe, and a menu rich with Italian culinary poetry. Look closer though, and Pentolina soon reveals its 21st century Melbourne attitude too. Try their fresh gluten-free pasta, made by the award-winning Ardor Food Co. There are also several vegetarian dishes and there’s always something vegan on the menu too. If it doesn’t take your fancy, the chef will whip up something using fresh produce.

Stalactites and Hella Good

Recently celebrating 40 years of service, the 24-hour titan that is Stalactites has also just become one of the first Greek restaurants in Melbourne to be accredited by Coeliac Australia. Their little sister shop Hella Good shares the accreditation, and their delicious range of pitas, dips, grilled meats and chips can enjoyed fear free by Melburnians with sensitive stomachs. We couldn’t imagine going more than a few weeks without a souva, so people that have been avoiding the bready meal for years can finally learn to live again.

A flatlay of Greek food on a wooden table

Gluten free treats at Stalactites

Seedling Cafe

The Seedling Cafes on Flinders Lane and Little Collins Street are temples of nutritious, delicious food that’s paleo-inspired and gluten and sugar-free. The menu’s also kind to folks who are looking for dairy-free, vegan, raw, nut-free and low-carb options. Even your coffee comes just the way you like it, whether decaf, lactose-free, or with almond, coconut or soy milk. Woohoo!

Aerial shot of various bowls, containing healthy food


Laneway Greens

The Laneway Greens cafes in Collins Place and Flinders Lane serve food made fresh with ethically and sustainably sourced local ingredients. That’s good for everyone, but the menu’s great for vegans and coeliacs because everything’s marked VG or GF, and usually both. Bliss!

Ganache Chocolate

Ganache Chocolate’s chocolate lounge on Collins Street is Melbourne’s own Willy Wonka factory, with decadent cakes, delicate macarons and a heavenly chocolate selection that begs for a taste. Most chocolates are temptingly gluten free, including bars packed with ginger and orange, chilli almond chocolates and moulded sweets. If you insist on a savoury lunch before dessert, a small selection of gluten-free quiches and soups are available.

La Tortilleria

One of the most popular Mexican wholesalers in Melbourne, La Tortilleria is famous for irresistible corn tortillas that make tacos a weekday favourite. For dessert, try flan made from Gerardo’s grandmother’s special recipe, or peanut marzipan ice cream. There’s a menu full of delights to explore at this colourful Kensington restaurant. And guess what? It’s all 100% gluten free.

A plate of different tacos with a cocktail and a beer behind it, on a table

La Tortilleria

The Organic Food and Wine Deli

As the name proclaims, The Organic Food and Wine Deli is an awesome place for everything organic, but that’s not all. Most of what’s on offer is vegan, and there are also plenty of options that are wheat, sugar or gluten free. Whether you want food-to-go like pies and cakes, fresh fruit and veg, pantry items or even gift hampers, they’ve got you covered.
Want more gluten free options? Mexican cuisine is well-known for going heavy on the corn, with many restaurants offering gluten free options – some are even 100% gluten free! Read our guide to Melbourne’s Mexican food to find your new favourite.