Where to get your noodle fix

You can taste a world of noodle dishes from regional China to Thailand and Japan right here in Melbourne. They’re the perfect comfort food during the cooler months and an excuse to slurp audibly without anyone batting an eyelid. Here’s our guide for where to get your fix.

Lanzhou beef noodle

The noodles here are hand-pulled and made to Lanzhou beef noodle‘s own recipe, then served in a rich, hearty beef broth. You can customise the thickness of your noodles all the way from angel hair to thick triangles. If you’re not a fan of broth, order one of the dry noodle dishes, like youpo – thick noodles with chilli oil and seasonal vegetables.
Dining table showing six different plates of noodle dishes and sides at Lanzhou beef noodle

Sarawak Kitchen Express

Be transported to Malaysia on your lunch break with fried vermicelli with curried beef or chicken, kueh teow or maybe rich, slurpy laksa. The prices at Sarawak Kitchen Express are reasonable and the wait isn’t long for flavoursome, hearty food.

Soi 38

Soi 38 has brought a new dimension to Thai food in Melbourne. It’s a small, basic place and you order via a printed ticket – choose your dish (boat noodles, tom yum), your noodle style and whether you’d like them with soup, dry or somewhere in the middle. Each dish is a cheerful $10 and it’s all served in their unique car park location.
Noodle dish with chopsticks at Soi 38

Shimbashi Japanese Soba and Sake Bar

At Shimbashi Japanese Soba and Sake Bar, the buckwheat for the soba noodles are hand-ground on site before being pulled into noodles. They couldn’t be any fresher. On the menu is a selection of cold noodle dishes, but we’re guessing you’ll want them warm so look to options like soup noodles in mushroom and vegetable broth, or tempura soba with crisp-battered fish, prawns and vegetables.

Indomie at HWKR

If you’ve ever stepped foot inside a university, chances are you’re well acquainted with the humble dish of Mie Goreng. The OG student snack has come up in the world at HWKR, where an exclusive Indomie pop-up restaurant is serving all things fried and noodly. Taste gourmet Mie Goreng loaded with fresh veggies and fragrant spices, take your noodles chip side with Mie Goreng loaded fries or crunch on noodle coated fried chicken.

A pink plate with french fries and a fried egg on it

Loaded Mie Goreng fries at Indomie

Homi Noodle Bar

Inspired by Vietnam, Homi Noodle Bar offers the well-known, refreshing vermicelli noodle bowls as well as dishes like chicken mee with egg noodles and twice cooked five-spice chicken, spicy mee goreng with 63 degree egg, plus vegan dan dan noodles with eggplant and cauliflower mince.

Goldie Asian Canteen

Looking for a less traditional option? Goldie Asian Canteen invites you to double the carbs (because baby, it’s cold outside) and order the peking duck jaffle that’s filled with succulent duck, noodles and tasty hoi sin sauce.

Dining table showing mixture of dishes including a plate of bao, a plate of peking duck and noodle jaffle, and two drinks

Toasties at Goldie