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Where to get toasties in Melbourne

From gourmet cheese loaded jaffles to vegan dessert toasties, the humble toasted sandwich is back. Follow the irresistible scent of toasted bread to these must visit hot spots.

Toasta & Co

This bricks-and-mortar outlet comes from famed food truckers, Toasta & Co. Classics like Croque Monsieur go next level and you can even get a schnitzel with chips between two slices of fresh crispy bread. Or go meat free with the insanely delicious, over-the- top vegan mac n cheese  When you’ve worked through the savoury options, try a sweet slice like the sinful banoffee melt complete with mascarpone, nutella and dulce de leche.

Hands holding a huge toasted sandwich filled with pasta

The vegan mac n cheese at Toasta & Co

Goldie Asian Canteen

Looking for a less traditional option? Goldie Asian Canteen invites you to double the carbs (because baby, it’s cold outside) and order the Peking Duck jaffle that’s filled with succulent duck, noodles and tasty hoi sin sauce.

Dining table showing mixture of dishes including a plate of bao, a plate of peking duck and noodle jaffle, and two drinks

Rainbow Toastie

Colour your lunch happy with cult Korean snacks at Rainbow Toastie. The ultimate in Instagrammable munchables, they use a secret blend of tasty and mozzarella cheeses to make this stretchy technicolor treat. Check out the sweet potato and pizza toasties for a bit of balance while you’re there.

A toasted sandwich being pulled apart, with rainbow coloured cheese stretched out between pieces of bread

Rainbow toastie

Union Kiosk

Another one of Melbourne’s smallest cafes is playing a big part for our animal friends. Union Kiosk has recently gone 100% vegan, but their toasties are just as flavour-packed as ever. Think meat-free lunches like vegan BBQ chicken and cheeseburger jaffles. Follow it up with a chocolate hazelnut or sweet almond toastie – all egg and dairy free of course.

Chapter House

Nestled under the archways of St Paul’s Cathedral, Chapter House Coffee offers a hearty soup and toastie lunch special for just $10. Choose from two different soups, and pair it with a classic ham, cheese and tomato or cheese and tomato toastie. Available throughout winter.

Soup with ham and cheese toastie

Chapter House Coffee’s Soup and toastie special


For a delicious daytime option, head to Switchboard, which famously operates out of a tiny space in the Manchester Unity building. This cafe has made a virtue of its small size by focusing on snacks that are easy to prepare. Toasties range from ham, cheese and pickle to grilled broccoli and goat’s cheese.


Block Arcade’s Barbarella has the nostalgic charm of French and Italian railway station cafes. Our train of thought always leads to their three cheese toasted sourdough sandwich, with gouda, cheddar, parmesan, garlic shallots and relish. All aboard the tasty toastie express!


Arlechin is the laneway bar addition to Chef Guy Grossi’s empire. Sharing the Italian ancestry of his three celebrated Florentino dining establishments next door, Arlechin’s bar menu is about snack-sized, irresistibly calorific bites. Take the humble bolognese jaffle – late-night hunger is officially sorted.

A toasted sandwich on a white plate, with grated parmesan cheese sprinkled on top


Kings and Knaves

Kings and Knaves Espresso opened its doors with one thing in mind (apart from quality coffee, of course). This toast bar offers superior slices filled with prosciutto, comte cheese and more – all freshly pressed to oozey sourdough perfection.