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Where to get fried chicken in Melbourne

Got a hankering for finger lickin’ fried chicken? Resist the fast food urge and discover more-ish fried chicken that’s a cut above. Here’s where to get stuck in to the best in town.

Sonny’s at John Curtin Bandroom

In the unlikely environs of the John Curtin Bandroom you’ll find Sonny’s Fried Chicken. Specialising in 24-hour brined chicken, pressure fried and crispy as you like, this American-style outfit has classic cold (slaw, potato salad) and hot (mac and cheese, biscuits and gravy) sides to accompany the main event.

Bird's eye view of a tray with fried chicken, loaded fries and burgers on it

Fried chicken comes in all forms at Sonny’s

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

At Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken the portions are oversize, tender and crispy. With its original Taipei outlet acclaimed as the most popular snack at the famous Shi-Lin Night Market, this Taiwanese sensation also deep fries mushrooms, sweet potato and curly fries.

Sam Sam

Sure Sam Sam offers a range of bulgogi and fried rice dishes, but to be honest we’re just here for the chicken and beer. Sometimes it’s fried chicken, other times we’re all about spicy wings or grilled whole chicken. Served with special SamSam sauce, rocket, green apple and walnuts.

Gami Chicken and Beer

It’s KFC – Korean Fried Chicken – and ice cold beer. Gami specialise in crispy, spicy chicken and it comes in three flavours: original, sweet chili or soy garlic. Don’t miss ‘Potato Heaven’ – three layers with creamy mash, cheese and wedges are in layered harmony. Cut through the layers with piquant pickled radish.

An aerial shot of fried chicken and chips on platters

Fried chicken and potato heaven is real at Gami


Their motto is ‘All you need is chicken’, which is okay with us. Another Korean fried chicken hot spot, Chick-In offers sweet chili or soy sauces, and the kimchi loaded fries are legendary.

Sticky fried chicken in the foreground, crunchy fried chicken in the background with a plate of chips and kimchi behind.

Korean fried Chicken and sides at Chick-In


All hands on deck at 4Fingers, a Singaporean take on crispy fried wings and legs with soy garlic, spicy or mixed sauces. Elsewhere the black charcoal burger buns are a bit of a showstopper, and there’s a hint of greenery with the option of a chicken katsu salad and kimchi coleslaw side.

Belles Hot Chicken

Hot chicken is a Nashville thang imported to Melbourne by Belles Hot Chicken. Find them in Collins Square and on Elizabeth Street in the Galleria. Their menu offers a range of spicy heat levels and sauces. Try classic sides and variations like chicken sandwiches and chicken with waffles. And for drinks, a range of natural wines. Good time tunes are always pumping at Belles.

An aerial shot of a red tray with blue and striped paper. Fried chicken, pickles and slaw are on top.

Spicy wings at Belles

Izakaya Den

All about the small sharing plates, the fried chicken karaage-style paired with a Japanese mayo dip at Izakaya Den goes down a treat with pickles and sweet corn. Try it with sake or a cold beer.

Butchers Diner

Butchers Diner source premium meats, most of which are destined for the owners’ other city restaurants. Rest assured your Japanese fried chicken, served with a daikon pickle, is sourced from quality producers. Open 24 hours and cash only.

Aerial shot of a metal tray with patterned paper on top, with a pile of fried chicken and various sauces.

Karaage style chicken at Butchers Diner. Pic by Grace Petrou.

More finger lickin’ fried chicken

  • Peaches: If their four happy hours a day didn’t get you, then the fried-chicken sambos served until 3am will. Knock one down with a pickle back shot for extra umami.
  • Pelicana: Fresh from the Korean foodie scene this famous fried chicken spot offers seasonings like wasabi, honey butter, white cheese, soy, hot smoky chili and more.
  • Yuzu: Fried chicken fiends of frugal means can go hard on the good stuff here, with karaage coming in at under $10.
  • Globe Alley: Whether you want the vegan version or meaty strips served in a fat burger stack, this late night music spot in the former Belleville site has you sorted.
A person holding up a large fried chicken burger to the camera

Fried chicken at Peaches