Where to get doughnuts in Melbourne

Easily one of man’s finer creations, these hole-y pastries can get any bad day back on track. Oozing hot jam, dusted in sugar or smothered with Nutella, here are some top spots to cover every craving.

Rustica Canteen

Along with some of the best light brunch and lunch in the CBD, Rustica Canteen is home to an array of over-the-top pastries. Glass cabinets are loaded with pillow-light croissants and delicate tarts, but make a beeline for the brioche doughnuts. Flavours change daily.

Rustica Canteen

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts

Shortstop Coffee & Donuts offer just a handful of daily variations and an even smaller number of seats. But that doesn’t stop the queues come afternoon-treat time. Classic vanilla bean or Earl Grey and rose doughnuts always hit the sweet spot, or try a filled apple pie.

American Doughnut Kitchen at Queen Victoria Market

It isn’t hard to spot this original 1950s doughnut van in Queen Victoria Market’s shuffling crowd. Follow your nose and you’ll spot the winding lines leading to these piping hot goodies. Join the queue, gather your change and do-nut underestimate how much you’ll love these hot jam explosions.

A van with the word doughnuts written on it. A woman is inside preparing food for a customer who is waiting.

American Doughnut Kitchen at Queen Victoria Market


From Milan to Sicily, Italians love to start the day with pastries, including bomboloni. At the Saluministi cafes in Flinders Lane and Docklands, these Italian-style donuts are a perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee. Which kind though? We always say yes to Nutella, which oozes irresistibly from these deep-fried balls of joy.

A person holding a board of fresh jam doughnuts


Baker D. Chirico

Pick up some of the best freshly-baked bread in Melbourne with a custard-bursting bombolone from Baker D. Chirico in Carlton. Filled with speckled vanilla custard and flecked with subtle citrus, it’s best enjoyed with your favourite coffee on the weekend.


A baking haven in North Melbourne, decadent cakes, freshly-made savoury sandwiches and (of course) doughnuts will tempt you at Beatrix. While we highly doubt you can fit in everything in this bakehouse, the ‘cinnabomb’ doughnuts are a non-negotiable.

Three doughnuts on a table

The must-try ‘cinnabomb’ doughnuts from Beatrix

Raw Trader

Vegans do-nut fear – Raw Trader is here. This entire café specialises in organic, raw, vegan, paleo treats – and the list goes on. Desserts rotate regularly, so pop down to Sutherland Street for the latest offerings. Your tummy and tastebuds will like them a hole lot.

A hand holding a doughnut

Raw Trader

Doughboy Doughnuts 

Who loves doughnuts? Who loves doughnuts within walking distance? Who loves doughnuts within walking distance of their office at 3pm? Doughboy Doughnuts ticks all three on Bourke Street. Fruity plum or crumbly French toast doughnuts are the hole-y winners.


Gazi’s famous Nutella loukoumades can complete with the top doughnut dogs in Melbourne. Crispy on the outside, they’re covered with milk chocolate, peanuts and caramel.