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Where to find katsu sandwiches in Melbourne

Katsu sandos are a Japanese speciality – and an increasingly popular dish in Melbourne. Find pillowy soft sandwiches filled with fried, crumbed cutlets at these city spots.

Chicken sandwiches on a plate

Crispy katsu is the sandwich of the season

Saint Dreux

This slick store in the St. Collins Lane food court specialises in delicious katsu sandwiches. The classic pork, prawn, chicken and egg options are all here, plus a special wagyu beef variety. For sweet tooths Saint Dreux also serves mizu yokan (red bean jelly) and house-made castella (Japanese sponge cake).

Coppe Pan

Chicken katsu sandwiches are the number one menu item at Japanese bakery, Coppe Pan. Their recipe combines breadcrumbed, fried chicken with tonkatsu sauce, mustard, and cabbage. They even bake their own bread! Find them on the lower ground level of Melbourne Central.

A chicken sandwich on white bread on a black plate

Coppe Pan’s famous chicken katsu sandwich


West Melbourne cafe 279 serves its own variation of a traditional katsu. This is actually one of the cafe’s ‘musubi’: white rice shaped into a triangle, stuffed with filling, and wrapped in nori. The katsu flavour features panko covered, deep-fried chicken, and tonkatsu sauce. Wash it down with their Japanese filter coffee.


Upmarket restaurant Supernormal serves a tonkatsu sandwich as their daily lunch special. Excite your taste buds with the crunch and juiciness of crispy pork katsu, shaved cabbage and bulldog sauce on white bread. It’s one of Melbourne’s most famous gourmet sandwiches.

Meet Sando

Grab a sandwich to go or at the communal table in Meet Sando on the edge of the Queen Victoria Market. There are five different options to try: chicken, prawn, pork, egg and mushroom. Get them while they’re hot and crunchy!

A chicken sandwich on a beige plate with salad beside it

Meet Sando


Enjoy thick-cut crispy pork, cabbage salad, and homemade sauce on bread at Ilza. This Docklands cafe located just outside Marvel Stadium serves a whole variety of Japanese dishes. Despite its slightly hidden location, lunchtimes are always buzzing.


International chicken chain 4Fingers makes a supercharged version of the classic katsu sandwich. This one looks more like a burger, served in a crisped Chinese bun, instead of on fluffy white bread. The bun is filled with 4Fingers’ signature chicken and daily-fermented kimchi coleslaw.

Jap Cafe

This cafe sells katsu sandwiches at the bargain price of $5-$6, or two for $9.90. There are five varieties available, including classic chicken, pork and egg mayo, or the more uncommon ham and tofu. Jap Cafe is one of four outlets in Food Hall, located on Gem Place near Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium.

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