Where to find Nutella in Melbourne

Giving Vegemite a run for its spot as Australia’s favourite spread, Nutella is having a moment in Melbourne. If you’re craving the delectably rich, creamy ingredient, here are some essential places to find it in Melbourne.

In ice-cream form

One of life’s more indulgent dessert choices, Nutella ice-cream comes in all shapes and scientific forms at Nitro Lab. Think Nutella and hazelnut ice-cream, Nutella iced lattes and hot Nutella lattes (topped with whipped cream of course).

Traditionalist Gelato Primavera also serves Nutella gelato.

A tub of icecream with nutella on top and wafters sticking out

Nitro Lab’s Ferrero Rocher gelato made with hazelnuts and Nutella.jpg

In pastry form

The offspring of Agathé Pâtisserie’s original South Melbourne venue, Agathé Pâtisserie Petite isn’t a metaphorical name. Tucked underneath a stairwell in the Royal Arcade, the tiny pâtisserie offers Nutella filled-brioche doughnuts and occasionally, Nutella cruffins. Get in quick, or you’ll have to scratch your Nutella itch with a chocolate-custard croissant.

In waffle form

Grand Trailer Park Taverna serves a waffle stack with Nutella parfait, freshly whipped cream and fresh strawberries drizzled with matching sauce. If you’re bringing the crew, order the giant waffle stack, which is essentially the upsized version complete with a jar of Nutella.

A sandwich made of waffles with chocolate icecream in the middle and strawberries on the outside

The waffle stack at Grand Trailer Park Taverna – Nutella, whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce. Photo courtesy of @weekendsinMelbourne (Instagram)

Another option is Waffle On which does no-frills, fluffy waffles topped with Nutella for five dollars.

In doughnut form

Degraves Street’s Doughnut Time has a rotating selection of fluffy, hole-y goods. Keep one beady eye out for the ‘love at first bite’, their signature Nutella doughnut dusted with cinnamon sugar.

A doughnut with Nutella on top sitting on a box

The “love at first bite’ Nutella doughnut from Doughnut Time

If you prefer your doughnuts on higher ground, Lui Bar dishes out warm batches 55 levels above Melbourne.

A tray of doughnuts and a cocktail on a table

Nutella doughnuts at Lui Bar

In crepe form

Buttery, paper-thin, and stuffed with Italian Nutella – crepes don’t come much better than at La Petite Crêperie. Add sliced bananas or strawberries with whipped cream for the best 3pm treat.

A hand putting strawberries on a pancake that is also drizzled with Nutella

La Petite Creperie

In pizza form

Puffy-crusted pizza bases act as a clever platform for optimal Nutella consumption. The dessert of Willy Wonka’s dreams, +39 Pizzeria’s Nutella pizza is loaded with sweet strawberries and vanilla ice cream. Choose between the mini and maxi size. One is infinitely better.

A25 serves a ‘sweet pizza’ that caters to up to eight people. The pizza is served with Nutella, strawberries, coconut snow, mint and ice cream.