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Melbourne’s best backyard games and outdoor activities

Spring has sprung and the sun is out. It’s time to revisit those old-school games to play in the backyard. These stores have got all your nostalgic good times ready to go.

Backyard cricket essentials

Park, backyard, driveway – whatever you’re working with, a friendly game of outdoor cricket is a top way to spend time on a sunny day. Sturdy Sports have a massive range of plastic cricket sets that come complete with bats, stumps and bails. They even come in a number of different sizes, so no burgeoning Bradman gets left behind.

Two people playing cricket

Backyard cricket is a sunny day must

Ring toss, kites and unicorn chalk from Stranger than Paradise

Stranger than Paradise showcases a unique curation of handpicked toys and games. Run by a husband and wife team, it’s a toy store with a delightful, retro bent. Come here for vintage games to amp up your outdoor fun. Pick up super cute pocket kites that look like little fluttering birds. What about some good old juggling balls and a classic ring toss? Or how about some footpath chalk for a game of hopscotch? Although, as is the Stranger than Paradise way, this chalk isn’t any ordinary chalk. It’s unicorn chalk.

Quoits, badminton and hammocks

Kathmandu is all about outdoor adventure and exploration. There’s everything from tents to hiking boots, ski gear to camping accessories. But they’ve also got a super neat line in good, old school, outdoor games. We’re talking petanque, quoits, or a badminton set. For the less sporty among us, the all-important hammock. Whether you’re out camping or hanging in your backyard, this is a game-friendly goldmine.

Two racquets with a shuttlecock on grass

Old school backyard fun with badminton

Backyard bocce and flying toys

Metro Hobbies is a wonderland of relaxingly non-digital toys and pastimes. There’s slot cars, model cars, model kits, jigsaws, and more. For a refined take on your next outdoor get-together, pick up one of their bocce sets. For more solo pursuits, Metro Hobbies has a large range of plane kits that you can build and take outside to get some air.

Twister and Frisbees from Toyworld

Toyworld at Docklands has a whole mess of retro fun games for you to enjoy out in the sun. If you want to get a bit of breezy exercise, it’s time to break out the Frisbees. You can get a batch of Ultra Pro Discs at Toyworld. Or, for some flexy, bendy fun, it’s time to break out the good old Twister. Get your left hand on green and your right foot on red and let the good times roll.

A dog jumping up to catch a frisbee

You too could look this graceful catching a Frisbee

Giant kites and jumbo windmills from Spotty Dot

Spotty Dot at the Queen Victoria Market is a wonderland of simple, sustainable toys for kids. But there are a bunch of things to brighten up your outdoor gatherings and delight the child within. If you’re having a picnic, add some whimsical delight and breezy fun to your picnic with a cute jellyfish kite. Want to add more easy-going delight to the proceedings? Spotty Dot have a whole range of whirly windmills, from simple pinwheels to cute sunflowers to mega-sized versions.

Hearns Hobbies jumbo kites

Hearns Hobbies has been around since 1947. It was started by the three Hearns brothers, who were all pilots and who started out selling model kits. Seventy years later, Hearns is still going strong. You can drop by to pick up all kinds of vintage hobby gifts, but we love their range of kites. From bats to stingrays to sharks, Hearns’ kites are a lot of fun to pick up on the breeze.

A large kite flying in the sky

Go fly a kite courtesy of Hearn’s

All things rainbow fun from Spoilt

Spoilt specialises in quirky gifts and homewares. Items perfect for that loved one who’s always after something out of the ordinary. Add some old fashioned whimsy to your next backyard shindig with a Rainbow Balloon Making Kit. Make it yourself to add a bit of breezy colour to your outside time. Double down and blow some bubbles – but no ordinary bubbles. Spoilt stocks battery-operated Rex Bubble Blasters. Watch that dinosaur send those cute bubbles floating in the air. It’ll add some vintage fun to your outdoor gathering.

For little kids: Jasper Junior

Jasper Junior has a massive range of wonderful gifts and toys for the little ones. There are also a few things that can unleash your inner child once you go outside. Get yourself an adventure set, complete with rope ladder, so you can go climbing trees just like you used to as a kid. If the weather’s too warm for tree-climbing, find yourself a pool and bob along on the surface in a rainbow pool ring. Forget all your grown-up worries and let that rainbow carry you away!