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9 kitchen hacking gadgets for Melbourne foodies

We’re all spending way more time in the kitchen than usual. Make it easier on yourself with these fun and functional cooking tools.

Fixie pizza cutter

The fixie pizza cutter only has one gear: flawless. So get on your little bike and slide through any slice with ease. From thick sourdough crusts to delicate crispy bases, the stainless steel wheel carves out the perfect piece every time. Buy online from Make Designed Objects.

A bike shaped pizza cutter in a piece of pizza

Fix your pizza slicing woes

End food waste with an avocado saviour

Brown avos and wrinkly lemons are a thing of the past. No matter how teeny tiny your leftovers are, the Dreamfarm Savel can strap on and keep it fresh for up to a week. Plus it makes your fruit and veg look like they’re riding a little rocking horse, which is really cute. Giddy up!

Angry mama microwave cleaner

Chemical free, easy to use and steaming with a profound hatred of dirt and grime. The Angry mama from Wilkins and Kent is here to make your microwave great again. Fill her up with water and vinegar and let her blow her top. Got a funky fridge? The Cool mama can freeze out pesky smells in 24 hours, and keep your shelves stink free for a month. Thanks mum.

A little plastic doll in a microwave

Angry mama in the house

Anti-odour dishcloth

Sour smelling tea towels are a real mood ruiner. Gewurzhaus now sell a range of charcoal infused Japanese dish cloths that naturally absorb odour and bacteria. The cloths are super soft, and come in a range of cute designs. We love the fruit and veg print.

Mini woodchip smoker box

Any foodie worth their smoked sea salt knows that the best meat is cooked low, slow and infused with smoky goodness. Cue: Spoilt’s barbecue smoke box accessory. Simply add woodchips and your choice of meat (or fish, or veggies) and get smoking. BBQ your brains out and apply Fancy Hanks finest liberally.

Solar eclipse chip and dip bowl

Guacamole passing peacefully by in the shadow of a corn chip galaxy – is there any sweeter sight? The Melbourne Museum online store has distilled the beauty of a solar eclipse in snack bowl form. Convenient, cute and ready to order. Your contribution to dinner will never be overshadowed when you present this chic piece of tableware.

A bowl of corn chips with an attached dipping tray

A total eclipse of the guac

The life changing veggie peeler

Queen Victoria Market’s Aussie Kitchen Gadgets best-selling tool does it all – peel, grate, scoop, julienne, shave, whatever. The wide handle grip, double edge serrated blade and super gripping effect means food prep is a complete cinch. Buy one for $15, or splurge on the bumper 6 peeler pack (currently on sale!) which includes two of each peeler.

Magic cup and mug cleaner

Using only water and a bit of elbow grease, the white magic cup and mug cleaner removes stains from your crockery in seconds. Tea stuck in your pot? Gone. Five months of Moccona residue? Forgotten. Wine stains in your Zoom meeting mug? Erased. And it comes with four refill heads, so don’t hold back.

Set and forget coffee dripper

Never burn your morning brew again. SUCK UK’s cute ceramic coffee dripper does anything but suck – in fact it literally does the opposite. Drop your preferred beans and standard filter paper into the stove-top looking cup and let it brew. The perfect coffee will be yours in no time.

A ceramic coffee cup

Skip to your morning drip brew