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Ultimate guide to Melbourne hair care at home

Lockdown have your locks looking less than sleek? Treat your ends to with these at home hair care tips and treatments.

Calia’s Japanese cult faves

Say goodbye to winter frizz with Calia‘s range of Shiseido’s Tsubaki cult Japanese shampoos and conditioners. Loaded with quality oils, they’ll repair damage, smooth and add shine. For the best fix, try the premium repair shampoo and conditioner set, exclusive to Calia. Loaded with camellia oil, they’re suitable for all hair types.

QVWC SHOP! Halo Hair Drops

Struggling with split ends? Smooth and strengthen your locks with Halo Hair Drops. The cocktail of essential oils like neroli and frankincense will make you feel as good as you look. Plus they’re scented with jasmine to sooth frayed nerves. Vegan and Australian made, you can order them from the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre’s online shop.

Smooth and strengthen your locks with Halo Hair Drops. Photo: @chelsealoren_

Smooth and strengthen your locks with Halo Hair Drops. Photo: @chelsealoren_

Great Earth natural dyes

Can’t go another day without topping up your colour? Great Earth has a product for every head of hair in its Giovanni range. These natural hair products use aloe vera and shea butter to nourish and restore. They’re sulphates-free and cruelty-free. Check out Great Earth’s range of natural hair-colour products, like BioKap’s plant-based dyes and Herbatint’s herb-based gels.

Men’s Biz styling classics

A classic side part? Dashingly dishevelled? A textured shine? Men’s Biz is offering a 10 per cent saving on hair-styling products so you can create your own look. Go classic with Eucris brilliantine from Geo F Trumper of St James, London. The slick, ultra-glossy shine works best on thick dark hair. And if you’re thinking James Bond, you’re right. That light lily fragrance is 007’s signature scent. Keep browsing for glossy pomades, setting gels and matt clays.

Rokk Ebony Hairmergency kits

With lockdown in mind, Rokk Ebony’s Hairmergency kits offer rehab for curls and anti-yellowing help for blondes. And touch-up colour to banish grey regrowth. To nurture and strengthen winter-damaged hair, get the Treat Me Right pack. It includes the totally organic Heli’s Gold one-step hair serum that’s taking New York by storm. Plus all the tools and kits you’ll need to style your hair at home. Hair straighteners, treatments, foams, sprays, oils, mousses and more.

Rok Ebony Hairmergency kits

Rok Ebony Hairmergency kit

Edwards and Co styling kits and classes

Edwards and Co stocks industry-standard products from trusted names such as Shu Uemura, Redken, Showpony and NAK. Go to town with their home hair-styling kits to give your hair some love and care before you can get back to the salon. Including the tint bowl, brush and whisk. Or take an at-home workshop in colouring, cutting and styling.

Human Salon sustainable colour

Sustainability is queen at Human Salon. They recycle and repurpose 95% of their waste. And they use ammonia-free and PETA-approved Kevin Murphy Color.Me products. These hair colours moisturise and rejuvenate with natural ingredients like honey and pomegranate. Without harming the planet. Why not spoil your favourite person with a Human Salon gift voucher. Vouchers range from $50 to $200.

Persons hair and bottle of product

Treat your ends with these at home hair care tips and treatments.

Rockit Barbershop

Melbourne’s home of quality barbering is Rockit in Collins Street. Shop online for essentials like styling powder and beard balm. Grab a maxi pack of Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade for medium hold with a natural matte finish. It smells so good, you’ll want to eat it.