Top four places to take your lunch

When it comes to favourite lunch spots, we’re spoilt for choice in the Melbourne CBD.
With City Square closing and Brunetti relocating to make way for the Metro Tunnel Project, it’s a great time to explore further afield. So grab your lunch, get away from your desk and catch some sunshine on one of these grassy knolls.
Federation Square
Just across from Flinders Street, Federation Square is a favourite meeting hub for locals and visitors alike. Catch up with friends or settle back in a deckchair and enjoy the Melbourne International Film Festival’s free lunchtime film screenings. If you need quiet time, walk down to the Yarra and enjoy the calm of the water. The choice is yours.

A crowd of people watching a busker

There’s always something happening at Federation Square

State Library of Victoria
For decades, Melburnians have enjoyed basking in the shadow of one of our city’s grandest buildings – the State Library of Victoria. It’s also a prime location for people-watching along busy Swanston Street. And if you didn’t pack your lunch, never fear – there are plenty of takeaway options nearby at Melbourne Central.
Treasury Gardens and Fitzroy Gardens
Down the eastern end of the city, we’re spoilt for choice with green spaces right along the parliament side of Spring Street. Stake out a patch of lawn at Treasury Gardens, or walk further to Fitzroy Gardens to escape the hustle and bustle.
A park with a girl sitting on a park bench reading and a man walking

Fitzroy Gardens

Coming soon – new Brunetti
And what of Brunetti you may ask?
Well, work is currently underway on a new flagship store to open in Emirates House (Flinders Lane side). Even better, it promises to bring the old-school charm that we love from Lygon Street, to the city.
See – there’s a silver lining to every grey cloud. And the new rail tunnels and five new underground stations will make getting around the city even easier.
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