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Thongs at the ready! Celebrate Australia Day at Docklands

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No matter what we call them – flip flops, zori, jandals, go-aheads, slappies, slides or step-ins – this Sunday, the humble Aussie thong will come into its own as part of the Australia Day 2014 celebrations at Docklands.
flat,550x550,075,fIn America or the UK, throwing a thong would be a very different ball game, but here in Melbourne, the great Aussie Thong Throwing Competition is the sport of kings. The world record for throwing is 42.8m and is held by a Queenslander. Do you think you have what it takes to throw that far?

Thong  Throwing rules/terms and conditions (as set out by the Provisional Rotary Club of Magnetic Island). Please note – Docklands terms and conditions will vary.
1. Competitors and spectators are reminded that thong throwing is an ancient and noble sport and is conducted as a civilised affair. Fair play, good humour and good manners shall be exhibited at all times.
2. The  steward’s decision or interpretation of these rules is final and no correspondence will be entered into. However, all donations will be reviewed on their merits.
3. The thong must be of a corresponding size to the competitor’s foot and dispatched (using any action of the arm) unladen and unmodified from original (wear and tear accepted). The only acceptable propulsion method is via the competitor’s own arm, which must remain attached to competitor at all times.
4. A maximum run-up approximating 10 paces shall be allowed, assuming such a run-up is practicable. An overstep of 500mm is permitted at the pitch, acknowledging that any overlap will be deducted  from the final throw distance.
5. A throw will only count if it falls within an area defined by an arc of 35 degrees from the forward-most centre point of the pitch. This area extending away from the pitch is known as the field. Thongs that fall outside the field will be classed as a foul toss and excluded from the competition.
6. Only a single throw is permissible unless it results in a foul, in which case one additional throw is permitted, unless the person is blond in which case a further additional throw will be permitted.
7. The use of wind assistance is allowed and, indeed, encouraged. Waiting for a suitable gust, however, is limited to 30 seconds.
8. Only the thong thrower is permitted on the pitch unless age or ability circumstances dictate assistance is required.
Besides trying your hand at hefting footwear through the air, there’s tonnes more to do, including kite making, face painting, backyard games, sausage sizzling, and rounding off the evening with a fantastic firework display.
The Australia Day celebration at Docklands runs from 4pm-10pm on Sunday 26 January.