The ultimate guide to bubble tea in Melbourne – part 1

It’s no secret that Melburnians love their bubble tea. With a new spot popping up almost weekly, you may never get to visit them all. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Gotcha Fresh Tea

We’ve got your next tea-time stop at Gotcha Fresh Tea. More of a concept store than a grab and go type place, Gotcha’s tea leaves are farmed and picked from their very own plantation in Taiwan. Their unique flavours follow a modern approach with bamboo charcoal, aloe vera collagen and durian cheese foam finding their place among classic black sugar syrups and fruit infused green tea. You can even get reusable bottles, for an eco-friendly bubble tea.

Three cups of milk tea and bubble tea on a wooden bench

Gotcha Fresh Tea options

Top Tea

A full service tea stop, Top Tea offers cheese tea, fruit tea, milk tea and a range of top tea toppings (say that ten times quickly). Go for a sweet/savoury watermelon cheese tea loaded with grass jelly, or branch out with a brûlée topped tea. That’s right, for an extra 80 cents they’ll blow torch the top of your tea for an intensely sweet layer of caramelised sugar. They also double as a sweet little bakery, with novelty cakes including a pepper pig pinwheel and creamy mochi snacks.

Goldie Asian Canteen

Ramen toasties and breakfast bao might be the name of the game at Goldie Asian Canteen, but you’d be foolish to ignore their good tea tidings. Try the ‘coffee cup’ featuring cold brew coffee, kahlua vodka and tonic tapioca pearls. Or choose your own adventure from six types of tea and four different types of ‘bubbles’. The menu is split evenly between alcoholic and non-alcoholic so your tea needs will be met from morning to night.

A hand holding a light purple drink with black jelly pearls in it

Signature milk tea at Goldie Lane


Another export from the tea masters in Taiwan is BlackBall, a cute corner shop hidden in Chinatown’s 206 Bourke complex. Most of their ingredients, including the perfectly uniform ‘boba’ pearls, are meticulously prepared at the BlackBall factory in Taiwan. Multi-layered fruity teas like cranberry lemon are perfect for balmy days, or indulge in social media’s favourite combo with a creamy brown sugar milk tea. Almost crème brûlée-like in its colouring, the mixture of bitter-sweet milky tea and decadent caramelised sugar syrup is a treat too good to skip.

A white bowl with shaved pink ice in it, next to a transparent cup of bubble tea

Tea and treats from BlackBall

Industry Beans

The Little Collins Street outpost of Fitzroy’s original Industry Beans cafe and roastery is a contemporary design dream come true. The coffee is pretty dreamy too, including their ground breaking Bubble Cup combo of cold drip, coffee tapioca pearls and vanilla ‘consoy’ (sweetened condensed and soy milks). Choose from the original, strawberry or coconut and kaffir lime.

An iced coffee cup with a layered drink inside - light coffee milk on the bottom and dark coffee on top.

Bubble cup coffee from Industry Beans – served with a paper straw, of course

Happy Lemon

Refreshment is just a short walk from Flinders Street Station at Happy Lemon. Opt for one of the signature milk teas, a dessert tea with oreo trifle or creamed purple yam, or something more refreshing and zesty.

Marche Board Game Cafe

People have been marching to this brick front on A’Beckett Street for years to play board games and indulge their geeky side. But did you know Marche Board Game Cafe also serves up some of the top Taiwanese tea in town? Go out of this world with their layered ‘Blue Sky’ – creamy brown sugar milk topped with butterfly pea tea. Authentic iced matcha green tea from Kyoto is also on the menu, served in a grammable glass handled mason jar.

Someone holding a glass mason jar filled with bubble tea in front of a large brick building

Marche Board Game cafe

Bubble tea with a twist

If you can’t face the long lines during the day then Melbourne’s bars have after dark bubble cup delights covered. Like vodka black tea with rainbow coconut pearls from GG EZ Bar or lavender gin with mulberry soda from Double Happiness. Served in the classic vacuum sealed style, you’ll be surprised how sophisticated you feel sipping a bubble tea cocktail on a night out.