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Melbourne’s best bubble tea takeaway and delivery

Missing your milk tea fix? Blubber over your lack of boba no longer. These bubble tea spots are open for takeaway and delivery.

Available for delivery:

Bubble tea club

The Bubble Tea Club sends everything you need for an authentic milky or fruity tea. Order flavours like honey dew, taro, thai milk tea and the OG brown sugar milk tea (plus heaps more). The kits come with tea bags, creamer, sweetener, boba, popping pearls and even paper straws. And yep, they deliver nation wide.

Bottles of syrup and milk tea in a glass

Bubble Tea Club


This is not a drill: Naröcha Premium Tea Room is now doing delivery. Order a boba Milo mocha for a creamy, malted chill-out treat. Other flavours you’ll wanna add to cart include hojicha cream cheese, oreo with matcha pudding and Thai milk tea. You can also buy brews by the litre, from cookie crumble latte to butterfly lemonade, or go full Masterchef mode and DIY. Choice of milk, add ons and sweetness levels are all 100% customisable. Check out the online shop for menus, merch and more.

A bubble tea cup in front of a can of chocolate powder

Narocha milo mocha boba

Gotcha Fresh Tea

We’ve got your next tea-time stop at Gotcha Fresh Tea. Gotcha’s tea leaves are farmed and picked from their very own plantation in Taiwan. Unique flavours include bamboo charcoal, aloe vera collagen and durian cheese foam. But you’ll still find classic black sugar syrups and fruit infused green tea. You can even get reusable bottles for an eco-friendly bubble tea. Delivery via DoorDash and takeaway in store.

Two bubble tea cups clinking together

Gotcha Fresh Tea

Industry Beans

Industry Beans cafe and roastery is a contemporary design dream come true. The coffee is pretty dreamy too, including their ground breaking coffee bubble cup. The bev combines cold drip, coffee tapioca pearls and vanilla consoy (sweetened condensed and soy milks). Grab it in store or order on Easi for delivery in Melbourne.

Three coffee cups clinking together

Coffee + boba = milk tea goals.

iCake bubble tea sponge

You can finally have your cake and drink it too.  iCake make some of the most Instagrammable cakes we’ve ever seen, including the bubble tea sponge cake. From the milk tea mousse to the boba tea centre (there’s literally a whole cup inside), get ready to go wild over this chiffon masterpiece.

A cake with a cup of bubble tea inside it

iCake bubble tea sponge cake. Photo supplied by @eatswithkayli (Instagram).

Open for takeaway:

Xing Fu Tang

This unique BBT spot on Elizabeth Street is open as normal for takeaway. The Xing Fu Tang team use a decades old technique of boba ‘stir fry’ for a traditional flavour hit. But that doesn’t mean the menu is behind the times. Xing Fu Tang serves modern bevs like gold foil bubble tea and crème brulee bubble tea. You can even order a cute bunny shaped panna cotta pudding to sit atop your milk tea treat.

A cup of bubble tea

Xing Fu Tang gold foil bubble tea

Top Tea

A full service tea stop, Top Tea offers cheese tea, fruit tea and milk tea. Go for a sweet ‘n savoury watermelon cheese tea loaded with grass jelly, or branch out with black sesame. The creamy bonsoy bev with black sesame paste, chewy brown sugar pearls and cream cheese milk foam is a dairy lovers delight. TT also doubles as a unique bakery, with treats like salted egg yolk pork floss cake and sweet mochi snacks.


Milksha on Elizabeth Street is the MVP of milk tea menus. The range includes classic flavours, organic vegan options, and an entire section dedicated to cold brew boba. Bubble tea purists can indulge with super creamy brown sugar milk tea, poured in perfect balance with chewy tapioca. More adventurous sippers will love the blended choc frappucino, made with premium French Valrhona cocoa. Check out the full menu and pre-order for pick up.

A milky drink on a wooden board



Cute corner shop BlackBall is open for takeaway in Chinatown. Multi-layered fruity teas like cranberry lemon are perfect for balmy days, or indulge in social media’s favourite combo with a creamy brown sugar milk tea. Almost crème brûlée-like in its colouring, the mixture of bitter-sweet milky tea and decadent caramelised sugar syrup is a treat too good to skip.

Two cups of bubble tea side by side

Classic cups from BlackBall


Chatime at QV stops for no one. Grab a hot matcha latte or iced brown sugar milk tea on your daily essential walk. Top it off with matcha mousse, creamy custard or rainbow popping pearls. Download the Chatime app to order ahead and your bev will be ready as you arrive.

Metropolitan Melbourne is now in Stage 4 restrictions. Please note businesses may close or run out of stock at short notice: check with individual businesses. Make sure that you live within 5kms of the business before ordering for takeaway or click and collect. Observe the curfew from 9pm to 5am, and other restrictions. Be smart, be safe and follow directions from the Victorian Government.