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The secret to this Melbourne pastry chef's sought-after Christmas cake

Melbourne pastry chef, Jean Cleary-Coyne, has an incredible passion for Christmas cake, which is why this particular festive dessert is in high demand every year.

The sought-after Christmas cake by Jean Cleary

Jean Cleary-Coyne’s sought-after Christmas cake

Want to know how Jean does it? The secret ingredient has something to do with her hometown – Tullamore, Ireland.

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How did you find a passion for Christmas cakes?
I grew up in Tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland and Christmas has always been a special time of year for my family and me. My mother, my three sisters and I would gather in the kitchen on a cold September evening and start baking the Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings. I have been making Christmas cakes since I was about 5 years of age–that’s going on 34 years!
What’s the secret?
When I started making my own cakes professionally, I felt the more time I gave the fruit to soak, the better they would taste. I generally start soaking my dried fruit in May. I use Tullamore Irish Whiskey, Irish Breakfast Tea and orange zest to infuse the dried fruit. I bake the cakes in September and decorate them in the last week of November. The recipe is the same one my mother handed down to me and I will probably never change the recipe. If it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix it!
What does Melbourne have that Tullamore doesn’t?
Melbourne has a lot more cake decorating shops than my hometown, so anyone can create the perfect finish for their cake. There is ready made icing, a great selection of cutters, fabulous cake boxes to present your cake in and beautiful ribbon to tie around it.
jean cleary-coyneWhere can people find the Christmas cakes?
The cakes are now available through Alice Nivens Cafe. I made an extra 20 this year to keep up with the demand! We also sell individual slices for those who don’t think they can fit in an entire cake.
On 1 December, I will post my Christmas cake recipe on my website for anyone who would like to bake it for themselves. You can also find me at @bakesbyjean on Instagram.
What’s next for you?
After three years, this will be my last working at Alice Nivens Cafe, but I am not leaving Melbourne! I started my own business, Bakes by Jean, earlier this year and will also be based in Glasshouse, located near Royal Botanic Gardens.
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Jean Cleary-Coyne