The keto dining guide to Melbourne

If you’re on the keto train, you know how hard it can be to eat out. So we’ve put together a list of some great keto-friendly spots in Melbourne to make that strict diet regime just that little bit easier.

Stalactites, CBD

Greek food is an excellent keto-friendly option, and Stalactites is one of the best known Greek joints in the city. Stick to your low-carb meaty options here for an easy lunch or dinner that fits your guidelines. Start with some dips paired with saganaki or the feta cheese and olives. Then have your fill of protein options from the grill, just cut out the chips and opt for a Greek salad instead. Yum!

A plate of Greek meat being handed across a restaurant table


Betty’s Burgers, CBD

If you’ve been craving a burger, but know it’s not keto-friendly, then Betty’s has the naked burger for you. Order their famous Bare Betty for $10, and you’ll get a piping hot bunless Angus beef burger with tomato, onion, cheese, and Betty’s special sauce all wrapped in low-carb lettuce. An excellent on-the-run choice for the keto connoisseur.

Mr Crackles

From looks alone, this late-night junk food diner might go undetected by keto eaters, but take a second look next time you walk by this pork loaded paradise. Low-carb lovers can load up on Mr Crackles‘ fresh slaw topped high with protein-packed pork. Don’t want to make friends with salad? Skip the veggies and order ‘just the meat’ in 100 gram increments.

Crispy pork belly on a bed of salad on a wooden table

Pork slaw at Mr Crackles

Entrecote, South Yarra

This chic steak house is one of the best French bistros in Melbourne – and thankfully, it’s also very keto-friendly. Perfect for a date night, Entrecote offers plenty of classic protein-heavy, low-carb French options like the traditional escargot, steak tartare and grilled quail with fennel puree and salad. For those after something a little more substantial, try the beef fillet (hold the fries), or the fish of the day with braised artichoke, broad bean, asparagus, Pernod beurre blanc, and fennel tuile.

San Telmo, CBD

Argentinean is another excellent choice for keto junkies as it’s traditionally meat-heavy and carb-light. The excellent San Telmo in Melbourne’s Meyers Place delivers plenty of keto-friendly menu options like swordfish or cobia ceviche, delicious cured meat platters, and a chargrilled cuttlefish dish with morcilla sausage, tomato, almond hummus, and watercress. The real winner here is the grill, just choose your meaty poison and settle in for the night.

A rare steak sliced on an angle on a black plate

San Telmo

Agraba, North Melbourne

Lebanese food is particularly keto-friendly when it comes to protein heavy options, and Agraba is no exception. This fun mezze restaurant in North Melbourne delivers authentic Lebanese with a side of great tunes – BYO vinyl, and if they dig it, they’ll spin it! Choose from heaps of keto mezze options like the shanklish or halloumi, then stay a little longer for the delicious skewers.

Miss Chu, CBD

Traditionally, Vietnamese is a difficult cuisine to negotiate when you’re on a keto diet, but at Miss Chu you can substitute vermicelli noodles in any dish for a low carb option called Shirataki noodles. Shirataki are gelatinous noodles made from a konjak yam root. They’re known as ‘miracle noodles’ because they contain zero carbs – yes, you heard that right, ZERO!

Steakhouse Grill 66

More meat awaits at Steakhouse Grill 66. Situated on the sparkling Newquay Promenade, your keto needs are met with oysters, cheese platters and grass fed Angus beef.  It’s also the perfect spot for group dining when there’s a mix of dietary requirements with gluten-free options, seafood, kid’s specials and vego dishes to boot!

A rare steak chopped into slices on a wooden board

Steakhouse Grill 66 is the spot for meat-eating keto fiends