The Great Amazing Race returns to Melbourne

Think you know Melbourne? Well the Great Amazing Race is the perfect opportunity to prove it, while also having fun and raising funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

On one big day in October, teams of two will race against the clock, using clues to navigate through Melbourne, and completing challenges along the way. We spoke to 2012 participant Shane Taas, who is returning this year, to find out more.

Shane Taas and his teammate in the 2012 Great Amazing Race

Shane Taas and his teammate in the 2012 Great Amazing Race

Why are you participating in the Great Amazing Race?

It’s a rewarding adventure that only happens in Melbourne – it’s a shame there’s nothing up here in Queensland. The competitiveness and unpredictable nature of the race made me want to do it again. Plus we’re supporting a worthy cause in the Royal Children’s Hospital.

What can you expect on the day?

I think the challenges will become more difficult. It will test all of our abilities, both physical and mental. It will probably take us to places we think we know, but I’ve learned from experience that I should assume nothing and expect anything.

How did you prepare last year?

My teammate and I arrived in Melbourne two days before the event and stayed in the CBD, observing how the city operates: mainly public transport and suburbs in and around the area holding key events. This year, we’ll be doing the same, but we’ll be playing a smarter and savvier race.

Any tips for new participants?

Be prepared to be on your feet and running all day. Take on each challenge as it comes and you will enjoy yourself. The most rewarding feeling is heading home and relaxing after it’s all over.

The Great Amazing Race  is held on 5 October in Melbourne.