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The best Melbourne treats you can get delivered anywhere

Tiramisu cocktails, millenium tea leaves and mystery boxes filled with rare Japanese snacks. Some of the best foodie creations can only be found in Melbourne. Until you can visit again, here are a few that will deliver far and wide.

Iconic cocktails from the city’s best bars

Three words: tiramisu milk punch. Got your attention now? The Melbourne Mixtape cocktail pack has all this and more, featuring bespoke blends from the city’s coolest venues.  Think drops like MjØlner’s viking-inspired maple and rum battle axe, Bar Americano’s signature drink (yep, it’s an americano) and BYRDI’s wattleseed negroni. All profits go straight to the bars, so they can keep on trucking until you can visit IRL again.

A laneway with street art and a small door leading to a bar

Melbourne’s beloved Bar Americano

Australian made vegan chicken salt

Spice up your life with Melbourne’s beloved herb purveyors, Gewurzhaus. The Australian chicken salt is vegan, gluten free, and contains no chemicals or fillers. Just a good old fashioned blend of garlic, sea salt, coconut sugar, roasted sesame and a touch of ground kelp. Gewurzhaus ships Australia wide, and shipping is free on orders $50 and over. So throw in a few chocolate and caramel treats to hit that limit.

Gin from a teeny tiny heritage listed distillery

Since 2018, Little Lon has been making some of the city’s best gin. From right inside a 140-year old heritage listed building, no less. While we wait to visit inside again, the online store is delivering the goods nation wide. Stock up on historically themed flavours like Ginger Mick and Little Miss Yoko, or opt for bottled negronis and unique martinis.

A small brick nuilding in a laneway

Be part of the Little Lon story and order some of their small batch gin

Eco friendly craft beer

Urban Alley has the capacity to produce 1 million litres of beer a year, and their unique eco-model means your sips are super sustainable. Settle in at home with a signature bev from their online store, because they now deliver nation wide. The raspberry wheat beer is a refreshing fruity ale for when you need a knock off pick me up.

DIY a famous campfire hot chocolate

Tick Mörk’s campfire hot chocolate off your Melbourne bucket list without crossing a single border. There’s a massive range of treats available for delivery Australia wide, including the iconic hot choc kit. It comes complete with 70% hot choc mix, smoked toffee, house made marshmallows and more. Or buy bespoke ceramics and gold titanium plated milk jugs to recreate the full cafe experience.

A hot chocolate in a clear glass next to a white pouring cup

Create Mork’s campfire at home

Mulled wine delivered by the litre

Bar Clara was one of Melb’s newer basement bars, hidden underneath the bright lights of Chinatown. For now their online operation Scarlet & Clove is keeping you lubricated. The 1.5 litre mulled wine packs are where they started. New sips include pineapple daiquiris, espresso martinis and mulled cider. Melbourne Metro delivery is free, and interstate shipping is a flat $10 rate, so order up.

Rare Japanese snacks

Luxurious pantry picks and snackable staples are a must from Calia. Try your luck with the Japanese mystery snack box, featuring five (or more) unexpected delights from glorious Nippon. For the ultimate exclusive, order silky smooth premium Uji matcha powder. Get adventurous and attempt to recreate Calia’s super cute signature latte art.

And if lock down led to a ramen deficiency in your pantry, the noods you need are right here. Nissin’s iconic cup noodle is available in the familiar red and white packaging, or try the adorable egg carton style chicken ramen. They even come with a little pre-made pocket to add an egg, which is just so cute we could faint.

A green latte with a lion drawn in the foam

Recreate a Japanese matcha latte from home

Authentic tea with a futuristic twist

Tea from the future is KUURA’s moniker. And whether it’s green or black leaves you fancy, you can source all kinds of teas from their virtual tea shop. From a $25 sample pack, to the trippy Psychotropical raw puer and a mysterious $1,200 tea made from leaves that are only picked once every millenium. The site also sells some truly beautiful teaware, including teapots and a full scale tea starter kit. Where do they deliver you ask? Almost anywhere on Earth – but shipping is free within Australia on orders over $50.

Bubble tea to your door

Missing your Melb milk tea fix? Blubber over your lack of boba no longer. The Bubble Tea Club sends everything you need for an authentic milky or fruity tea to your door. Order flavours like honey dew, taro, thai milk tea and the OG brown sugar milk tea (plus heaps more). The kits come with tea bags, creamer, sweetener, boba, popping pearls and even paper straws. And yep, they deliver nation wide.

Due to current circumstances, businesses may close, run out of stock, change their offerings and prices or cease delivery at short notice. Check with individual venues for more information.