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The Asian Food Festival brings the yum

The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, affectionately known as the Mooncake Festival, is like the Asian Thanksgiving – a time spent celebrating with family and friends and eating moon cakes (pastries filled with sweet red bean or nut).
The festival originated in the 16th century BC, celebrating the annual harvest which coincided with the full moon, an auspicious time of year due to its associations with fertility and water.
baophotoWith eating a major part of any Asian celebration, the Asian Food Festival has brought together over 50 restaurants around lantern-lit Chinatown to create a magical atmosphere in our city.
Here are some of the highlights you can enjoy during the festival.
Floating Yum Cha
Eating yum cha doesn’t have to be a land-bound affair. Take your appetite on the high seas and enjoy a yum cha buffet as you take in Melbourne’s waterfront views. We promise it will be a pirate-free experience!
Cook with love from the heart
This special charity dinner will raise important funds for cardiac research and Epworth healthcare. Master Sifus of Shark Fin House will prepare a sumptuous feast ‘straight from the heart’!
Chinatown Market
The tantalising smells of satay, dumplings and noodles will steer you towards Hefferman Lane in Chinatown. Browse through Chinese kitsch and souvenirs and snack on delicious street food at this laneway night market.
The Biggest Yum
Melbourne street food will be taken to a new level when Chinatown is turned into a giant alfresco restaurant! Tables will stretch for three blocks, from Spring Street to Swanston Street, for a ‘long’ lunch, accompanied by Lion dancers and music.
The Asian Food Festival runs until 15 October.