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Talking with Circus Oz contortionist Jarred Dewey

Circus Oz are currently carving up the stage in their latest high octane circus show Model Citizens, the first creation fuelled by new Artistic Director Rob Tannion. We spoke to contortionist and trapeze artist Jarred Dewey about his favourite spots in Melbourne and why he ran away to join the circus.

A man swinging on a trapeze

Circus Oz contortionist and trapeze artist Jared Dewey

Tell us about Model Citizens
Model Citizens seamlessly blends physical improbability, theatricality, choreography and Aussie humour. From a giant vertical clothes peg, to an oversized cotton reel or flying high in an enormous pair of aerial undies, we use every day objects in an extraordinary ways!
A group of circus performers doing a trick on stage

Circus Oz Model Citizens

About you:
I trained as a teenager at Cirkidz, a youth circus based in my home town of Adelaide. In 2007, I ran away to Melbourne to study contortion and swinging trapeze at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA). I graduated in 2010, and since 2011, I have worked extensively with Brisbane based contemporary circus company Circa as a full-time ensemble acrobat. During my five year stint with Circa, I toured and performed in more than 30 countries worldwide. Since then, have worked in productions by the Briefs Factory (2016 Edinburgh Fringe) and La Soiree (London). Now I’m running amuck back in Melbourne with the rambunctious Circus Oz!
About Melbourne
I LOVE MELBOURNE! Out of all cities in the world, I am still so fascinated with this city.
What do you love most about Melbourne in winter?
I love the fashion! I think Melbournians do winter with a certain je ne sais quoi!
Earliest Melbourne memory?
In 2006 when my friend and I took the overnight bus from Adelaide to Melbourne to see Regina Spektor. I remember going to Queen Victoria Market, eating an onion bagel, barely sleeping on the bus and then falling asleep at the concert.
People walking through a market at night

Queen Victoria Market

Favourite arty place?
I have a soft spot for the Malthouse. Often find myself coming out of a show feeling rejuvenated.
If people were coming into the city to see your show, where would you recommend they go before and / or after?
I would recommend people coming to show to explore Degraves Street for coffee, bagels at Jungle Juice. Then walk along the river and have a cocktail at Ponyfish Island. And finally, continue the journey to see our show Model Citizens for a night full of crazy acrobatics and high-level tomfoolery!
A small cafe in a laneway

Jungle Juice in Centre Place

Circus Oz – Model Citizens is on at the big top at Birrarung Marr until 16 July.