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Sunset Series 2016 in pictures

Fitzroy Gardens dazzled as the first weekend of Sunset Series 2016 kicked off in style. Thousands of people brought picnic baskets and mats, or sampled the food trucks’ finest as sustenance for dancing along to the free live music and dance workshops.

If you missed Sunset Series last weekend, fear not, another big weekend is ahead. Saturday will feature the dreamy pop of Eliza Hull, country-soul artist Fraser A Gorman, indie-pop band Swim Season and the Cactus Channel, whose soul music will have everyone up on their feet dancing as the sun goes down.
On Sunday, get groovy with a go-go and ’60s dance workshop thanks to Anna’s Go-Go Academy, Talei Wolfgramm, the Terry McCarthy Special and DJ Emma Peel.
Keep reading below for a taste of what you can expect from Anna’s Go-Go Academy.
We asked Anna from Anna’s Go-Go Academy to fill us in on what’s in store for her dance workshop this Sunday.
Tell us about your style
My style is part-stand-up comedy, part-Jedi mind tricks, part-dance class. I teach everything from 60s go-go dancing to disco, 80s, 90s and beyond. I aim to get everyone to the point that we’re all dancing as one and having the time of our lives as quickly as possible. I love everything from the twist and “Thriller” to lots of great dances from music videos, scenes from movies like Saturday Night Fever and Hairspray, classic music video dances like ‘N Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye”, or Michael Jackson or Beyonce – if it was a dance craze, I love it!
What can audiences expect at the Sunset Series?
For Sunset Series I’m bringing my good friends Talei Wolfgramm and Emma Peel to create an evening of 60s soul and rock ‘n’ roll so that we can dance the evening away. I’ll be teaching the audience some classic 60s moves, including a dance tribute to The Easybeats. Talei and her band will rock the crowd with their love letter to 60s soul, and DJ Emma Peel will be keeping it groovy thanks to her DJ decks. We’ll create the perfect summer night in Melbourne: an opportunity to get together with your friends as the sun goes down, enjoy some great music, have a laugh and good old-fashioned boogie.