Sugar and spice and all things festive from Cake Deco

Philip Glasson stands calmly behind the glass counter serving the line of customers clutching their cake decorating tools – the same way he’s done for 33 years in the city.
These customers have just negotiated a labyrinth of shelves stacked high with everything from cake lace to cookie cutters to get to his register. But nobody complains. With more than 12,500 products stocked in Glasson’s store Cake Deco, waiting a few moments to pay for your bounty is not a lot to ask.
‘The city is definitely the best for business,’ Glasson explains, ‘there’s a lot of people around. You’re busy from when you open the door to close of trade’.

Phillip Glasson enjoys serving customers from all around the world.

Phillip Glasson enjoys serving customers from all around the world

It’s an Aladdin’s cave

While Glasson may be modest when it comes to talking about Cake Deco, his customers aren’t so shy. ‘It’s an Aladdin’s cave,’ Perth customer Sabina explains. ‘If you can’t find it anywhere else it’s always here. This is our little mecca’.
‘Aladdin’s cave’ is a great description. Everything you could ever dream to create cakes, biscuits and other sweet delights can be found on Glasson’s shelves. Even those items you didn’t realise you needed in your life (ice blue snowflake sprinkles, anyone?).

All your cake decorating needs are in the one spot.

All your cake decorating needs are in the one spot at Cake Deco

One-stop-shop for festive baking

But in a shop filled with every possible food colouring, sprinkle shape or cake mould, when it comes to Christmas people are looking for traditional touches. ‘It’s Christmas decorations, fondant icing and chocolate at Christmas,’ Glasson explains.
People are making cakes and edible gifts for family and friends, because it isn’t all about the turkey, roast vegetables and pudding.
Tucked away in an arcade off Flinders Street, it’s difficult to leave Cake Deco with just one item. The longer you stay the more you’ll find, with decorating treasures hidden in every corner of the shop. Cake Deco continues to inspire creation, especially during the festive season. Plan to spend some time here!

Get lost among the stock at Cake Deco

Get lost among the stock at Cake Deco

  • Visit for: Rolled fondant to help create the perfect Christmas cake.
  • Stay for: La Vita Buona for lunch to replenish the energy stores.
  • While you’re there: Continue the sweet theme with a Popstic ice cream, and then say hello to Santa at Christmas Square.