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Small businesses selling pantry essentials in Melbourne

There are still plenty of small and independent shops that are fully stocked with coffee, wine, pasta, fresh produce and more. Here are a few spots that will send Melbourne home to you – or if you live within 5kms you can swing by for takeaway.


  • Atlantic Group have an at home menu of luxurious chef prepped meals, but make sure you don’t skip the staples section. Ready to cook braised beef short rib, gluten free gnocchi and 2kg tubs of hommus are just the beginning. Check out their near endless range of foodie supplies for delivery online.
  • Kinfolk are bringing good tidings to you and your kin in the form of fresh produce hampers delivered. Order vegan packs, bacon and egg packs, and even a self-iso cheese ‘bored’. You can also donate a day or week of pantry staples to an at-risk person, or send them home cooked meals!
Shelves full of sauce bottles and produce

Pantry essentials are available in spades when you shop small

  • Coffee beans can be purchased in bulk online from Black Velvet Coffee, with monthly specials and free shipping for orders 2kg and over.
  • Get containers of Mörk’s house brand of hot chocolate and treats delivered.
  • Earl’s home delivered support packs are 95% Aussie produce and full of favourites. Make ham and cheese toasties for brekkie and chicken and hummus grain salad for lunch. Then heat up beef and red pepper meatballs for tea. Yum. There’s even a cookie dough roll to get baking in that spare time.
  • Elizabeth Andrews is serving high end meal provisions to your door. From vegans to cheese and meat lovers, their range of ultimate produce boxes cover all home chefs.
  • Desperate for tacos? Shop fresh tortillas and more Mexican produce from La Tortilleria and El Cielo.
  • Treat yourself to beautiful teaware and sublime aged tea from Kuura Tea Studio. Get set up with their Gongfu starter kit.
  • The Sweet & Nut Shop meal boxes delivery will have you wok tossing in no time. Prep a feast with the Indian, Middle-Eastern or Italian meal kits.
  • Heartattack & Vine are delivering deli staples too. They’ve got vegan milks, groceries, treats and more.
  • You’d be hard pressed to find more fresh produce, cheese, meat and other foodie essentials than at the Vic Market. Heaps of traders do home delivery. Think cheese provedores like Bill’s Farm and RIPE, as well as countless fruit and veg stalls. Or if you live nearby (within 5k) you can pre-order online and drive up to collect your goodies without leaving your car. On the topic of the market – be sure not to skip the spots selling great staples. We’re talking spices from Gewurzhaus, tea from McIvers and fresh pastries from M&G Caiafa.

Ready made meals and kits

  • Spring Street Grocer have opened a virtual deli, with pasta packs, home-made ready to eat meals and more. And yes, the cheese cellar has also gone virtual. You can even get vegan cheese, hemp chocolate and sorbets delivered.
  • King & Godfree has just launched home delivery. Order their pasta, cheese, wine and sandwich essentials along with ready-made meals.
  • Poked have opened an online grocery store called Pokemart. Get complete meal kits to help you assemble your own poke salads, katsu sandwiches, vegan lunches, artisan brekky bowls and more. Or buy individual grocery items like wagyu beef, fresh veggies, fruit, kombucha and edamame. They even have a 25 pack of avocados!
  • Ordering in isn’t always sinful, and Laneway Greens deliver nutrition in full flavour. Their nourishing wholefood meal delivery has vegan, breakfast and meat-filled options.
  • The hard working team behind Punch Lane have just introduced a number of at-home  delivery options. Marinated spatchcock, grass-fed steaks, half kilo supplies of gnocchi and penne, freshly baked baguettes…the list goes on. You can even get red wine jus!
The exterior of a corner shop with people walking past

Spring Street Grocer is now available as an online deli.

Beer, wine and cocktails

  • Grossi Florentino’s ‘Grossi a Casa’ menu is molto bene, with bottled negronis and Italian martinis just one click away.
  • Blue cheese needs a very specific plonk pairing. Enter mulled wine from Bar Clara. They’re doing free delivery of this winter-time treat to the Melbourne metro area.
  • A great range of local white wine, beer, rose and more are available for delivery from Macaulay Cellars on Uber Eats.
  • San Telmo have opened an online wine store (you’re welcome). Order a bottle of your favourite European or Argentinian wine to sip as you bake their famous alfajores.
  • The Botanical’s front bar has gone digital. Explore their new online wine store and grocery range.
  • Luxurious pantry picks, fancy mixed drinks and Japanese favourites are available online for delivery from Calia. Now no one will know when you pair a bottled negroni with a cheeky pack of pocky.
  • Settle in at home with a signature bev from Urban Alley Brewery’s online store. Their unique eco-model means your sips are super sustainable, and they’ve just started producing hand sanitiser to keep their staff secure.
  • Blackhearts and Sparrows‘ wines for the times collection offers fancy drops including Tempranillos, Fianos and Beaujolais. If you fancy something a bit more spirited, Starwood Whiskey is on the menu.
Various wine glasses and spices scattered on a table

Mulled wine from Bar Clara

Please drink responsibly. Due to current circumstances, businesses may close or run out of stock at short notice. Please check with individual stores for details.