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Everything you need to do at the Dog Lovers Show

Move over, cats! Melbourne’s celebrating all things canine. If we had tails, we’d wag them about these highlights of the seventh Dog Lovers Show.

The faces of two dogs in focus in front of an our of focus green and white background

Dogs in neckerchiefs – what’s not to love?

Give some love back to your pet at the Ask-A-Groomer zone. Melanie Newman Salon Essentials will be offering free grooming advice and demonstrations so you can take pet-pampering to the next level. Your pooch will love you for it.
Be sure to head to the Black Hawk DogDocks pool to be wowed by doggie high jump, long jump and speed retrieving. The canine competitors will be jumping into a custom-built pool of water and making a splash – literally! Don’t forget to pack your umbrella.
dog jumping into a pool

Nothing in the rule book says a dog can’t play water fetch

Some of Instagram’s biggest four-legged stars will be strutting the red carpet and posing on thrones throughout the Dog Lovers Show. Insta-pooch is a rare chance to cuddle and snap selfies with these furry celebrities as they sit on their thrones. This year it’ll be hosted by television presenter and animal welfare advocate, Brittany Bloomer.
two small dogs sitting on a throne with ties on


A lot of the excitement from the Dog Lovers Show comes from the Vitapet Arena. This year visitors will experience The Wonderdog’s brand-new Party Show as well as K9 Ninja Challenge, Drag-Racing Flyball Spectacular and UpDog Skipping Challenge. Prepare to be amazed by these puppy-tricksters.
dog jumping over fence, photo taken in mid air

Flying beats walking any day for this dog

Running daily at the Dog Lovers Show is the Dog Street Art Zone. In this space, fearless street artists will transform a blank canvas into a canine masterpiece. It’s a perfectly Melbourne experience.
The PETstock Assist Adoption Zone is easily one of the most heart-warming aspects of the show. Over 30 rescue groups and shelters are taking part, helping people to meet dogs looking for love. Find out about shelters near you, learn about the adoption process and meet dozens of rescue dogs.
bulldog on a leash with a denim jacket on

Dogs and double denim – a match made in heaven

Want a doggie of your very own, but not sure which breed is best for you? Fill out a questionnaire in the Perfect Match zone to find out, then discover more about the breeds that suit your circumstances. Whether it’s an Irish Wolfhound or Scottish Terrier, you may be lucky enough to meet one in the Pat-a-Pooch area.
If you’re passionate about pooches you’ll want to stay all day. Read more about the 2019 Dog Lovers Show.