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Six places to spend your bitcoin

Melbourne just might become the bitcoin capital of Australia with the emerging digital currency steadily taking over the city. With the installation of Melbourne’s first bitcoin ATM at Emporium, customers can open an account and start buying their coin within a matter of minutes. Pair this with Melbourne-based bitcoin wallet app, CoinJar, and you’re ready to go.
The question is, where can you spend it? We’ve put together a list of businesses jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, eager to take your bitcoin…

A bitcoin ATM at Emporium Melbourne

Melbourne’s first bitcoin ATM at Emporium

Vera Chan
An early adopter of bitcoin payments, Vera Chan lets you spend your digital dollars on their quirky range of handcrafted jewellery, clothes, bags and gifts, all carefully selected from around the globe.
Counter at Vera Chan with sign reading 'bitcoin accepted here'.

Lovers of cute gifts rejoice! Vera Chan will take your bitcoin currency

Hero Subs
Hungry? Hero Subs has embraced bitcoin in a big way. Not only can you use it to buy any their range of gourmet Brooklyn-style sandwiches, they’ve also created an exclusive sub only available to those who pay by bitcoin. That’s reason enough to get on board.
Cabinet of sandwiches at Hero Subs.

These tasty Hero Subs are available only for bitcoin customers

Roller Door Cafe
Early morning commuters can enjoy a bitcoin-powered coffee from Roller Door Café next to North Melbourne Station. This funky little café is also known for its cooked breakfasts, so you might want to stay and take a later train.
GlowGolf Docklands was the first family entertainment business in the country to accept bitcoin. If you haven’t experienced 18 holes of UV-lit glow in the dark minigolf, then you haven’t lived. Load up the e-wallet and bring the kids.
Pulo Pool Parlour
Pool parlour, bar and live music venue, the Pulo Pool Parlour is just the right venue for parties and corporate events. Let the boss open their digital wallet on this one while you literally rack ’em up.

Pop your Bitcoin on the pool table and get hustlin’

Have you found any other places in Melbourne that accept bitcoin? Let us know below.