Coronavirus: Due to the current situation, events may be cancelled at short notice and businesses may temporarily close. Check with the venue before planning to attend. More information on coronavirus.

Take Refuge at Arts House

Arts House is about to become a ‘nerve centre’ for Refuge 2018: Pandemic, a series of public events which explore how to prepare for and survive infectious disease. Join talks, interactive games, sound works, a dinner, an emergency exercise and a work produced with a colony of resident bees. Taking place from Wednesday 29 August to Saturday 1 September, most events are free.
a crowd of people in an office. Some are wearing emergency vests
Isolate and Contain! Mapping the Pandemic
Step into the control room and experience a live interactive game where you build an imaginary virus with epidemiologists to learn what happens in a pandemic and how we can survive. Wednesday 29 August at 6:30pm. Free, bookings required.
Hypothetical: What If?
Find out what could happen if a rapidly spreading contagion threatened Melbourne, and how those who take control in a crisis might grapple with the spread of a dangerous infectious disease in this theatrical event. Thursday 30 August at 7pm. Free, bookings required.
Supper Club: Sanatorium
Join an interactive dinner with artists Asha Bee Abraham and Lizzy Sampson to hear and learn from immunologists, survivalists, anarchists, virologists and ethicists. Is there space for hope for the future? Friday 31 August at 7pm. $15-$20 includes supper.
A woman carries a plate of finger food in front of two smiling women
We Contain Multitudes
Seek out an Arts House bathroom for an audio work exit poll by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey, that traces the deceased and their societies, and gives us clues to the risk of the next anthropogenic disaster. Thursday 30 August to Saturday 1 September. Free.
A cross between immersive theatre, cooperative gaming and an escape room, this live interactive game divides participants in half. One group wakes up in a room with no recollection of how they got there. The other searches for a way to save the world. Thursday 30 August to Saturday 1 September. Free.
Ruth Crow Corner
Meet Lorna Hannan, North Melbourne resident for over 50 years. Lorna and a band of locals are coming together in a facilitated discussion to get to know neighbours and hear their stories, learn from experts and make great things happen. Pop in for a cuppa. Thursday 30 August to Saturday 1 September. Free.
A group of SES workers at an information stall Tiddafly
Set in present day Melbourne, this audio-visual installation explores Indigenous futures through music, spoken word and sound. A mysterious shape-shifter and superhero are here to let us see that though facing threats, First Nations people are limitless. Thursday 30 August to Saturday 1 September. Free.
In Case of…
Explore a visual art exhibition of ‘personal emotional preparedness’ kits that have been made in conversation with students from St Joseph’s Flexible Learning Centre. Emphasising the stamina vulnerable young people need on a daily basis and the planning we need for uncertain futures and scenarios. Thursday 30 August to Saturday 1 September. Free.
Apitherapy Quarantine
Honey bees are dying worldwide as the result of a human-caused pandemic. Join an immersive-spa-meets-sciences-lab-meets-nature-reserve to explore ideas of paranoia, risk, health and biosecurity in an interactive live art experience. Thursday 30 August to Saturday 1 September. Free.
Practicing for a Disaster with Australian Red Cross
The Australian Red Cross will be running a mock emergency exercise and door-knocking in North and West Melbourne. Would you like a visit to learn more about preparedness for an epidemic? Saturday 1 September. Free.
An Australian Red Cross sign in front of Arts House North Melbourne