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Push it real good

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know bikes are cool. Hell, they’re so cool they’ve got their own festival. Hats off to you, Bikefest! We’re not complaining about the recent surge in bike popularity. In fact, we’re right up there with the flag waving, bell ringing and tyre inflating.
But we’re also wary of a world in which bikes are a trend. Bikes are not Coca-Cola Yo-Yos, OMC or bocconcini and spinach salad. No indeed: bikes are simply a beautiful way of getting around.
Scout wheels her bike through the Block Arcade
In old Melbourne town, we’ve had a few new bike-friendly services popping up that make bike riding in the city even better.
The most obvious one is the Melbourne Bike Share service that’s really taken off in recent weeks. Now you can buy a $5 helmet from participating 7-Eleven stores or from – wait for it – vending machines at Southern Cross Station and at Melbourne University.
So if you forget your helmet there’s an easy solution at hand. You can keep your helmet or return it and get $3 refund.
But we think the best thing about Melbourne Bike Share is that now you can ride in the city but you don’t have to ride into the city to do it.
Regular cyclists know that riding a bike is often the quickest way from A to B through the city – so being able to jump on one at any time is really rather wonderful.
The other thing that’s worth knowing about is the free bike pod at the City Square.
This sweet little service is especially good news on hot summer days when you arrive in town a little bit sticky, or when you’re merrily pedalling along and the sky decides a spontaneous deluge is just what your journey needs.
Pop into the bike pod and grab a free shower. The pods are roomy, clean and there’s even space for you to park your bike under cover. (You’ll need to bring your own shower stuff.)
So there you go. While it’s lots of fun to think about bikes as the flavour of the fest, month or year, it’s even better to think about bikes as a part of city living. And these two services will help you do that.
Happy riding, folks!