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Photography Night Walks

We gathered on the slopes of Federation Square as darkness settled across the city. Though the bulky shapes of tripods and camera cases identified the group easily, it seemed that most of us had come alone. A young woman turned towards me and smiled warmly despite the spring chill in the air as she spotted my own equipment, “You’re just in time, we’re about to leave,” she said.

The young woman was Jessica Edgar, the brains behind Photography Night Walks. Every Thursday and Sunday evening, Jessica leads a group of people, cameras in hand, along selected routes of the city by foot.
“Exploring the city at night and taking photos is something which I have always loved. My inspiration for the walks was to take people to places they would never normally visit alone and discover through the lens with others,” she said.
Don’t come expecting a lesson in photography. The tour is more about gaining photographic inspiration from Melbourne’s nooks and crannies as a group; learning from each other by sharing tips about camera settings and techniques for the conditions. Amongst my group was an ‘expert’ in both Nikon and Canon cameras, regulars on these walks, who were more than happy to lend a hand to a hack like me to help get that perfect picture.
Our walk took us through the darlings of Melbourne’s laneways including Hosier Lane, Duckboard Place, Centre Place and ACDC Lane, offering fantastic photography opportunities of world-class street art.
After a couple of hours our walk finished with a casual drink at Loop Bar where everyone’s photographs from the night were uploaded and displayed on the big screen. Despite our fears of public critique, each set of photographs were met with words of encouragement and a round of applause.
“Screening the photos at Loop (Thursdays only), in front of a group, with no editing, can be quite scary but a great learning experience for people who come along,” Jess explains.
By the end of the night the group were no longer strangers – business cards, stories and photography dreams were swapped before we slipped back into the night.
In the warmer months, Photography Night Walks depart Thursdays at 7pm and Sunday evenings at 6pm, usually from Federation Square under the big screen. The walk lasts for 2 hours and costs $15 per person. The route changes each week, rotating between laneways, Chinatown, the Yarra River, Fitzroy, rooftops, The State Library and many more. Subscribe to the email list to be keep informed of the next photography night walk.

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  1. Marisha Dudek - October 5, 2010


    Can you please keep me posted in regards to your night shootings please.
    Rally keen
    Many thanks
    Marisha Dudek

  2. David - October 5, 2010


    Good to see the city of melbourne pushing a walking tour for once.

  3. George - October 6, 2010


    Alana, you have captured in words the inspiration and passion Jess Edgar brings to Photography Night Walks. Nailed it. It’s not about a phtography lesson, rather opening our eyes to the visual poetics of Melbourne’s laneways(and the last Sunday each month in Sydney),street art, galleries, installations, shop windows and more. Atmosphere. Mood. Emotions. Raindrops. Reflections. New ways of seeing more than just take our photography to a new level – we are transformed, without the cliche, to be in the moment. Take a breath. Sometimes those moments can take out breath away…just a question of timing, our PNW starts at 7 pm in summer (not 7.30pm). Thanks also for your colourful shots.

    • The team - October 6, 2010


      Thanks for your comment George. Have edited the times, thanks for the heads up!

  4. fran kawasaki - October 6, 2010


    wow – how amazing! i live in perth and am thinking about flying across to melbourne to do one of these photography night walks. well done jessica!

  5. Gerry - October 14, 2010


    this is awesome i take my camera when i go to the city and take photos of things that catch my eye the night is just pitcureous.

  6. melanie - February 18, 2011


    i really like these photos that were taken, if you get any new ones send them to my email, and i will comment on them as to whether i like them or not.
    kayy thanks 🙂

  7. Dianne Llanos - June 29, 2011


    very colorful photos, I really appreciate colorful things around even if It’s vandalism…
    check out more here in
    Sarah Kimmel PRofessional Photography

  8. Bilma Gomez - December 21, 2011


    I recently found about your night walks and I would like to know more of it and how it works. I got a nikon camera not long ago so I really want to enjoy photography and learn more, by the way I am not good but would love to join it.

  9. Nicole - December 31, 2012


    Hi, I would love to join in on the next tour! Please keep me posted