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Milton Jones: First impressions of Melbourne

Our guest blogger, UK comedian Milton Jones, shares his first impressions of Melbourne.  Milton is in town to perform his self-titled show as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

It’s exactly how I imagined it – warm and sky-scrapery – but this may be because I’ve just been looking at the guide book on the plane.
(I’ve always thought Melbourne sounds like a made up name like Blandford or Nicetown. Except perhaps with a hint of the exotic because it sounds a bit like Peach Melba).
sunnymelbWhat I wasn’t ready for was the huge energy and life of the city. In the UK, when we use the term ‘vibrant’ about an area, it’s a euphemism for ‘mind your purse!’ but this place is teeming with produce and ideas.
Everyone seems young and tanned. ‘We must be staying in the student quarter,’ I’d thought at first. But it seems the whole place is like this. There’s more of a relaxed ‘can do’ attitude here too. Maybe its Australia in general, but at home we don’t have lawyers in their gowns eating sandwiches at cafes, or women as part of teams doing roadworks.
carrotcakeIn Britain there seem to be more grumpy and obese people with a ‘can’t do attitude’. (Also, it turns out you very much ‘can do’ coffee.)
And there’s a beach nearby! I didn’t see that in the guide-book. Add a comedy festival, and you’ve got just about everything!