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Melbourne’s most Instagrammable breakfasts

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially on social media, where a hot shot in the AM can get the likes rolling in all day long. We’ve found your best bets for an IG breakfast boost.

Stuffed crepes and towering french toast at Amble Cafe

Pink aesthetics always look good on the gram. The stuffed crepes from Amble are filled with fresh lemon ricotta and mixed berries and topped with hibiscus flower and raspberry sauce. Or you can go for total feed domination with a towering stack of banoffee french toast – complete with toasted Italian meringue, caramelised banana, dulce de leche, chocolate sauce and pastel fairy floss on top!

A white plate stacked with french toast, covered in fruit and meringue with fairy floss on top

The french toast at Amble

Rustica’s lemon meringue pie waffles

Any time is a good time for dessert, including breakfast – especially when it’s these lemon meringue waffles. Rustica’s famous for their divine pastries and breads, but they have clearly also mastered one of America’s great morning treats. And added some zest with sensory pleasures like lemon curd, apple and blueberry chutney, shortbread crumb and pretty edible petals.

A waffle covered in syrup, merigue pieces, berries and edible flowers

Waffles at Rustica

Humble Rays’ French Toast Forever

There’s toast and then there’s toast. Head to Humble Rays for the really, really yummy kind that also looks amazing. Their French Toast Forever is stuffed with vanilla-bean cream cheese, but it’s what’s scattered on top that will get followers drooling. Boysenberry ice-cream, seasonal fruits and coulis, Persian fairy floss and a little nod to good health: walnut and almond oat crumble.

A piece of french toast on a plate topped with whipped cream and surrounded by colourful toppings

Humble Rays

Hot cakes at Higher Ground

It’s the breakfast that launched a thousand Instagram posts. Or at least it feels like it did, as this delectable dish from Higher Ground has been popping up on our feed with delicious regularity. Introduce your taste buds to these ricotta hot cakes topped with maple syrup, mixed seeds, edible flowers and a dollop of cream – need we say more?

A table at a cafe with bowls of breakfast food on it, a bowl in the foreground filled with a large pancake and topped with edible flowers and ice cream

Hot cakes at Higher Ground

Stovetop’s white chocolate and raspberry waffles

The contemporary decor at Carlton’s Stovetop cafe is a sleek backdrop for your foodie pics. It’s probably surplus to requirements when you’re snapping their white chocolate and raspberry waffles, though. Strawberry coulis, raspberry tuile, lemon gelee, pistachio ice cream and beetroot powder on top of white chocolatey waffles. Snap, post, eat!

White Mojo’s croissant burger

Hardware Street cafe White Mojo has long been on the Instagram trail, but their sweet breakfast dishes aren’t the only eye-catchers. The signature croissant burger, stuffed with soft-shell crab and fried eggs, is as delicious as it is photogenic. Yellow yolks and golden shades of brown contrast with fresh green coriander. Plus artful little dollops of chipotle mayo dotted around the plate. Like!

A croissant filled with fried eggs and soft shell crab on a black plate

The croissant burger from White Mojo

Twenty and Six Espresso’s grilled haloumi sandwich

Good things sometimes come in small packages, like this compact North Melbourne cafe that turns out great coffee and food. We especially love Twenty and Six Espresso’s open sandwich of nicely grilled haloumi. It’s topped with shades of green – smashed avo, dressed leaves and pumpkin seeds – and surrounded with fat purple smudges of beetroot relish. Add a $3 fried egg for a burst of morning sunshine.

The Hash rosa

They may be primarily about giving java junkies a quality fix, but Hash Specialty Coffee and Roasters also totally get tea. Not the kind grandma makes, but Instagram gold like the Hash rosa. A science lab beaker of peach and rosebud tea. A tall glass of chilled pineapple and creamy coconut milk topped with a cloud of fairy floss. Stunning side-by-side, but a delicious mess mixed together, so remember to take photos first.

A small glass bottle next to a large glass cup with fairy floss on top of it

The rosa at Hash

Magic Mountain Saloon’s sticky rice and granola

You’ve probably ended the day at Magic Mountain Saloon, but have you ever started there? This bar opens early in the morning, so it’s a top option for breakfast pics that include jealousy-inducing cocktails. Like a Bucks Fizz with the appealing mini mountain of black sticky rice, strawberries, banana, coconut yoghurt and dried mango granola. Yes, magic can happen at 7am.

Auction Rooms’ brioche French toast

We are totally sold on the breakfasts at North Melbourne’s Auction Rooms cafe. Especially the brioche French toast loaded with frosted pecans, raw cacao, caramelised bananas, whipped bourbon cream and maple syrup. What’s not to like? If you’re feeling those carnivore cravings, add some maple-glazed bacon.

Parco Canteen’s breakfast banh mi

Power up your mind, body and Instagram followers at Carlton’s tiny Parco Canteen, which used to be an electricity substation. Their breakfast banh mi is a colourful stack of scrumptiousness. Golden brioche bun stuffed with maple-glazed bacon, fried egg, pickled carrot, bright green coriander and miso mayo.

A burger on a white plate with a coffee beside it

Breakfast Banh Mi at Parco