Melbourne’s Mexican flavours

Being unhappy with a taco in your hand is almost impossible. Being unhappy when there’s enchilada, burrito bowls and tostadas to choose from is even closer to being impossible. Melbourne is home to all types of Mexican restaurants, here are our picks.

El Sabor
Housed in a roomy, warm cantina, El Sabor promises authentic Mexican flavours without any fuss. From tacos to molletes; enchiladas to nachos. We recommend the sopes served with handmade thick corn tortillas, with refined beans, lettuce, cheese, cream and your choice of chicken, beef or spicy potatoes.

Touche Hombre
A favourite on Lonsdale Street, pair Mexican-inspired cocktails or Mexican beer with tasty tacos. Fresh battered QLD soft-shell mud crab, topped with smoked corn puree and fennel cream, encased in a house-made organic blue corn tortilla is a winner. Vegetarians will be more than pleased with Touche Hombre’s beer-battered cauliflower with yellow mole salsa ‘macha’ pepitas.

You won't go home hungry from Touche Hombre

You won’t go home hungry from Touche Hombre

Chilangos Mexican Cantina
Fresh, cosy and no-frills, Chilangos Mexican Cantina’s vibrant interior matches its menu. Tacos, burrito bowls and char grilled corn cob with chilli mayo and cheese makes for the perfect lively dinner, with Mexican beers and margaritas available all day.

On the corner of Lonsdale Street and Hardware Lane, Amigos has the atmosphere for any occasion. From a chef’s menu to pork belly and kale tacos that melt in your mouth, you’re in for some serious food envy – no matter what you order.

Josie Jo
Traditionalists, turn away. Josie Jo is challenging the foodie world with Japanese-Mexican fusion. The menu features sushi burritos and fresh poke bowls. Josie Jo’s menu leans towards its Japanese roots with a pinch of Mexican for flavour.

Dive into a bowl from Josie Jo

Dive into a bowl from Josie Jo

Don’t mind the rickety stairwell, Mamasita is one of the best modern Mexican joints in Melbourne. Made to impress, out-date your first date with towering bowls of tamarind and chipotle-glazed sticky beef short ribs, or mini tostadas piled high with avocado. Share your sweet corn ice-cream if you’re confident you’ve got a second date.

A Mexican institution in Melbourne, Fonda makes all their food from scratch. From daily-made tortillas to zesty guacamole, the seasonal mushroom tacos with shredded raw zucchini, sliced radish, guacamole, jalapeno-basil aioli and micro amaranth is a must for vegetarians and carnivores. Ensaladas (salads) boast vibrant Mexican flavours without the hidden calories.

La Tortilleria
One of the most popular Mexican wholesalers in Melbourne, La Tortilleria, are famous for their irresistible corn tortillas which make tacos a weekday favourite. If you’d like market fish or beef and chorizo served with your taco, you can head to their colourful Kensington restaurant for a delectable menu that’s 100% gluten-free.

La Tortilleria offers you a traditional Mexican tortilla experience

La Tortilleria offers you a traditional Mexican experience

A few more notables we would be remiss not to include, are:

Where are your favourite places to enjoy Mexican in Melbourne?