Melbourne’s hatted restaurants

Whether you’re celebrating something special, or indulging your inner foodie, you don’t have to go far to discover something delicious in Melbourne. But which restaurants do the experts rate? We’ve pulled together this handy list of Melbourne’s Good Food Guide ‘hat’ recipients so you know where those in the know go.
Three hats
Culinary creativity to infinity and beyond.
Vue de Monde: A three hatted restaurant in the CBD, Vue De Monde is an institution in the Melbourne dining scene. It’s fine dining at the highest level.

Oysters and Lola from Vue De Monde

Oysters and Lola from Vue De Monde anyone? (photo: Facebook)

Two hats:
From high profile newcomers to classic eateries that have stood the test of time – these are the places where memories (and memorable meals) are made.
Dinner by Heston: Heston Blumenthal’s first permanent restaurant in Melbourne is one of the most exciting openings of 2016. With a chef who has taken the entire culinary world by storm, it’s no wonder Dinner by Heston is sitting pretty with two hats.
Ezard: Serving ‘Australian freestyle cuisine’, anything goes at two-hatted restaurant Ezard.
Flower Drum: Presenting Cantonese cuisine is all its glory, Flower Drum has been consistently awarded hats for a refined, traditional Chinese menu.
Grossi Florentino Upstairs: Proving Italians do more than pasta (although pasta is great), Grossi Florentino Upstairs’ menu is one of the best three-course menus in Melbourne and, they have the hats to prove it.
The Press Club: Luxe Greek degustation? Yes, when it comes to The Press Club.
decadent surroundings at the Press Club

Dive into delicious food in decadent surroundings at the Press Club

Rockpool Bar & Grill: Designer steakhouse with a modern Australian makeover, boasting the choicest cuts and freshest local produce.
One hat
Melbourne’s hot choices: on-trend and old school; these cosmopolitan diners bring the world’s best cuisine to Melbourne.
Lee Ho Fook: A relative newcomer to the hatted restaurant scene, Lee Ho Fook combines modern Asian cuisine with simple service and a spice-packed menu
Bar Lourinha: Mediterranean tapas, vibrant cocktails and impeccably charming service lift this not-so-average bar to the next level.
Bistro Guillaume: A classic French bistro tucked beside the Yarra River; Bistro Guillaume is home to dishes like freshly shucked oysters swimming in red wine vinegar and the best onion soup. Ever.
Cecconi’s: An Italian favourite, Cecconi’s on Flinders Lane is a must for date night, morning, or day as it’s an all-day eatery that serves from breakfast to dessert.
Coda Bar and Restaurant: Proving Vietnamese cuisine isn’t all about street food, expect palm sugar meringue and Nonya-style satay lamb chop with a spiced peanut crumb.
Spice Temple: Another Neil Perry offspring, Spice Temple is reinventing the perception of yum cha and Chinese cuisine in Melbourne.
three dumplings in a bowl

Neil Perry dumplings swimming in flavour at Spice Temple (photo: Facebook)

Cumulus Inc.: An all-day restaurant with a brunch as good as it’s dinner, Cumulus Inc. is a smart choice for anyone with a grumbly tummy.
Embla: An impeccably elegant wine bar with tasty food to the boot, you can’t misstep at Embla.
Epocha: Housed in a stunning Victoria terrace, Epocha isn’t all about appearances. From roast potatoes in duck fat to market fish with smoked eggplant, eat your way through this one-of-a-kind restaurant.
The European: Breakfast through dinner is unashamedly European, as you may have guessed.
French Saloon: Opened above much-loved Kirk’s Wine Bar, French Saloon feels like a slice of Paris a level above Melbourne.
Il Bacaro: An old-school restaurant that’s never out of style, Il Bacaro is charming and unfailingly classic.
Kappo: A modern Japanese restaurant featuring deep greys and an intimately small space, Kappo’s set daily menu is all about skill and culinary love.
Longrain: The ever-popular south-east Asian restaurant continues to shine with crowd-favourites caramelised pork hock with five spice and chilli vinegar.
Maha: Middle Eastern cuisine is having its (well-deserved) moment in Melbourne. If you’re a newbie, Maha is the place to start.
MoVida: Pretentious service is unwelcome at MoVida. For those foodies who are feeling intimidated by glittery interiors and suited waiters – MoVida’s casual charm is for you.
Oter: A modern French restaurant opened earlier this year. Only amateurs underestimate Oter’s simple one-page menu.
Rosetta: Neil Perry’s menu; You’ll discover hand-made pasta and food straight from a wood-fired oven. The Rosetta Ristorante gets a triple A with a side of drool.
Sarti: If you haven’t visited Sarti, then you can’t call yourself a proud Melburnian.
Supernormal: A fresh-faced, share-style venue in Melbourne’s CBD, Supernormal is pretty super. Especially if you’re judging by the lines come Friday night.
deserts at Supernormal

Even the deserts at Supernormal deserve their very own hats

Tipo 00: Squid ink pasta, pappardelle with braised wagyu scotch and gnocchi with braised duck. Run, don’t walk.
Tonka: Follow your nose to Tonka this year and dive into its aromatic Indian cuisine.