Melbourne's favourite chips

Hot, salty, fried taters – what’s not to like?! You’ll like them even more at these places that load ‘em up with extra indulgence, from pork belly to kimchi. Saturday 13 July is National Fry Day, so why not dig in!


Named for celeb chef and owner George Calombaris’ favourite Athens neighbourhood, Gazi does Greek street food until midnight seven days a week. We think their hours are genius, because late night is the best time for scoffing chips – especially their take with feta, oregano and garlic oil. A consistent performer in Melbourne’s best chips lists, they’ve even reached international fame with Nigella Lawson declaring ‘these chips were absolutely worth flying the 10,496.05 miles for.’

A bowl of chips with feta and herbs crumbles over them

Feta chips at Gazi

Mr Crackles

They do mighty fine chips at Mr Crackles. Do you want the sweet potato wedges with chilli aioli? Or French fries sprinkled with your choice of chicken salt, rosemary salt or paprika and chilli? No need to stop at seasonings – at Melbourne’s temple of pork you gotta get some piggy with your chips. In other words, the Bogan Fries, topped with cheese, gravy and crispy pork belly. Drool!


Come for the beer and Korean fried chicken, stay for Chick-In‘s kimchi fries, which we declare the Gangnam Style of hot chips! Braised spicy chook, three kinds of cheese, sour cream, tomato, onion, fresh chilli and, of course, kimchi, all loaded onto fries. Sounds like genius, tastes like carbolicious Korean heaven.

A plastic basket filled with fries, topped with mayo, chilli and tomato

Loaded fries at Chick-In

The Grand Trailer Park Taverna

A beer and burger joint with a zany indoor-outdoor vibe, The Grand Trailer Park Taverna is your American Dream come true. Whether you’re at a picnic table or in a private streamlined caravan, whatever burger you’re chowing down on, get the hand-cut chips. Beer battered, with optional extra cheese sauce, or go the whole hog with the fully loaded chilli beef cheese chips.

Chips covered in melted cheese in a white cup, on a white plate

Chilli Beef Cheese Fries

8 Bit

This diner decorated with Tetris and other pixelated icons from the past gets big bonus points for their fries menu. Which to choose though, and what about the $1 saucy extras like BBQ or Sriracha mayo? We love 8 Bit’s cheese and bacon beer-battered fries sprinkled with zingy spring onions. Can you handle the loaded fries with chilli beef, cheese sauce, bacon, pickle relish, onions – both spring and grilled – jalapeños and salsa? After all that, it’s game over, man!

Homi Noodle Bar

Do tater tots count as chips? Who cares when you’re tucking into Homi Noodle Bar’s mod-Vietnamese take with sesame, mayo and tobiko! That’s flying-fish roe, and these fried potato gems can be eaten with chopsticks, so you get different and delicious in one go.

Potato gems with fish roe and onion in a small white bowl. A pair of chopsticks holds one of the gems above the bowl.

Tater Tots


Belles Hot Chicken

If the nearest you’ve got to Southern-fried chicken is KFC, get yourself to Belles Hot Chicken in the CBD or Docklands. Bite into a juicy, spicy drumstick, wing or nugget and taste the difference. Pair it with their Old Bay crinkle-cut fries for the perfect heavenly combo.

Looking for more?

What’s better than eating fries? Eating fries that are free! Lord of the Fries is taking their National French Fry Day celebrations to the next level with free fries being given away at all stores between 1-2pm on Saturday 13 July.  Find then on Swanston street, Southern Cross Station and Flinders Street station.