Melbourne’s coolest ice-cream shops

Artisan, hand-made, nitro and old-school gelato – taste your way through these delectable city scoop shops.

Nitro Lab
Nitrogen reigns supreme at Nitro Lab, which serves up ice-cream fresh from your sugary childhood dreams. The Tim Tam temptation is piled high with chocolate crumbs and whipped cream, while the Gaytime Crunch is topped with salted caramel and choc chips.

Nitrolab takes flavour inspiration from Australian childhood favourites such as Tim Tams and the famous Golden Gaytime

Nitrolab takes flavour inspiration from Australian childhood favourites

Gelateria Primavera
Tucked into the Spring Street Grocer, Gelateria Primavera is a traditional Italian gelateria with a dose of (endless) healthy curiosity. Inside polished pozzetti ice-cream tubs, taste your way through gelato made from seasonal fruit and the highest local and overseas ingredients. The menu changes daily, but you may find flavours like salted caramel and chilli, watermelon and mint, or pinenut, saffron and orange.

A gelateria that has won Melbourne’s hearts (and stomachs), Pidapipo combines an Italian’s love of the ‘icy arts’ with a fondness for local ingredients. Every day you’ll see a rotating selection of tastes – a testament to the team’s dedication to dessert. Each pozzetti is filled with daily, handmade ice-cream with favourites including pistachio, watermelon, coconut and raspberry and honey joy.

Pidapipo brings an Italian dedication to dessert

Pidapipo brings an Italian dedication to dessert

This moveable ice-cream cart boasts creations like pink Moscato sorbet and South Side gin sorbet. Needless to say, you’ll want to hunt this one down on your bad days. Popstic serves its wares in flawlessly fun heart, block and tropical shapes, although a classic ice-cream cone is available if you prefer to indulge the traditional way.

Limonetto Gelati
A Docklands secret, all fresh flavours at Limonetto Gelati are made on-site. Tucked into a structure that itself resembles a bit like a greying ice-cream cone (maybe I’ve had too much ice-cream in my life?), options include the limonetto, cookies and cream or lemon sorbet.

Limonetto, Dockland's sweetest sensation

Limonetto, Dockland’s sweetest sensation

The South Korean ice sensation, Milkcow, has arrived in Melbourne. Serving signature soft ice-cream topped with quality ingredients like organic honeycomb, double-glazed caramel corn and fairy floss clouds, hop in line and wait for some of the creamiest soft serves around.

Snap freeze your dessert this summer. Known for its nitrogen-frozen sweet treats, Dex2Rose brings a quirky creativity to the world of gelato, with such inspired offerings as the lemon meringue pie made with home-made lemon curd in a syringe, scorched meringue and gingerbread crumble. The white mocha with organic dark roasted espresso is a better breakfast choice than your latte, trust us.

Delve into Milk Cow’s delicious organic ice-cream soft serve

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