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10 gorgeous homewares that will spark joy in lockdown

Spending all our time at home has got us thinking about a complete redesign – but often the price tag that gets in the way. Try out these little details for every budget and refresh your space ASAP. Better yet? They’re all available online.

1. Decorate your view

If you’re sick of staring at the white wall in your office, Melbournalia has some excellent artwork for sale. Introduce some colour to your space with this print of the iconic Flinders Street Station. It’s like experiencing the commute, without the crowds.

A living room with a yellow chair and a painting on the wall

Change your view with a print from Melbournalia

2. Upsize your at-home coffee

If your regular cup of coffee isn’t hitting the spot these days, try upsizing to a soup mug for a double shot of energy every morning. We’re loving the speckle stone finish of this retro take on a classic kitchen piece from Craft Victoria.

3. Colour sparks joy

Instead of a traditional clear vase, try a colourful piece and garnish with white flowers. Head to Dinosaur Designs online (their store in the Strand is currently closed) and select one of their resin beauties. It’s a cool twist on a traditional mood lifter. Order winter blooms from Pollon Flowers to create the perfect bunch for your new vase.

4. Channel forest and fjord vibes with a luxe scented candle

There are plenty of options to spark joy in your space at Make Designed Objects. Your best bet for channeling serenity during this difficult time is to light a luxe candle. Try this Skandinavisk beauty, which promises to channel “forests, crashing waterfalls and abundant fruits” from the Norwegian fjords.

5. Become a plant parent

Working from home can get lonely – so why not buy a new friend for the office? Studies have shown that Greenery can reduce stress and increase productivity, so there really are no downsides. Head to Folia House for some interesting and beautiful options, including this towering umbrella plant.

A plant shop

Folia House

6. Green your space with a handmade hanging planter

Wingnut & Co’s workshop, based in North Melbourne, is the perfect spot to find design pieces for your home. This natural stoneware hanging planter is perfect to house your new plant baby. Try a Devil’s Ivy for something easy to keep alive.

7. Comfort comes first

Cult Design is the place to go for high-end design. If their coveted furniture is a little out of your price range, you can always accessorise with these stylish and comfy cushions. The natural oat colourway is perfect for a modern space, or add a pop of colour with vibrant mustard.

8. Stay warm in style

Warm up your WFH space with a soft and cosy alpaca and lambswool throw from Creswick Wool. The combination makes this blanket lightweight and super snuggly. Their Block Arcade store is currently closed, but you can still order a warm package delivered straight to your door. Including a range of throws and blanklets for under $50 each.

9. Light it up

For an instant lift to your WFH office, add some light – literally. This Top3 By Design lamp by Ross Gardam is equal parts chic and practical. Pair with natural wood textures for a warm update to a cold space.

10. Prep for Friday drinks

Wilkins and Kent won’t let working from home rob you of the fun of a Friday night knock off. Splurge on this wine cabinet, delivering easy access to your favourite bottles. Or simply add a few bar gadgets to your cart to lift your cocktail game.

A cocktail in a clear glass on a wooden table

Friday knock offs just go down better when they’re pulled from your very own bar cabinet

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