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Eight ways to stay warm in iso

This time around, we’re isolating in winter. So we need to keep warm and comfy during the current stay-at-home restrictions. Here are some warming things to have on hand.

Make mulled wine

Also known as Glühwein, spicy mulled wine is winter magic in a glass. This German invention combines red wine and vanilla bean sugar, but the real secret is in the spice mix. Cloves, star anise, cinnamon, citrus peel. Sheer bliss. Only one rule: warm lightly, don’t bring to the boil.

You can pick up a mulled wine starter pack from Gewürzhaus with all the spice fixings. Or get your mulled wine home delivered from Bar Clara. The pack includes 1.5 litres of wine, and the cute pouch comes with a pouring tap. Quite a stylish take on a goon sack.

Two glasses of mulled wine with garnishes

Mulled wine weather is here

Snuggle under an alpaca quilt

Forget feather, acrylic and wool. There’s nothing more warming than an alpaca quilt. Check out the range of alpaca quilts from Creswick Woollen Mills. They’re soft, durable and hypoallergenic, and come in light or heavyweight styles. Or snuggle into one of Creswick’s super-soft and lightweight alpaca throws. With a stylish fringe, they come in subtle natural colours of beige, brown and grey to suit any decor.

Decluttering reads

Settle under your Creswick blanket or quilt and read about the Japanese art of decluttering. You can find books on removing clutter from your life at Readings. Including titles by tidy-up queen Marie Kondo. Then get a real warm-up by streamlining your belongings and rearranging your furniture. It’s a workout and motivational exercise in one.


Who doesn’t love a hottie? The hot water bottle covers by Otto and Spike from Melbournalia are made for Melbourne’s winter. These striped beauties come in a choice of feature colours: teal, grey, green, yellow or red. They’re knitted in Melbourne from repurposed, high-quality Aussie yarns. You’ll be hugging a piece of Melbourne history.

Looking for the hot water bottle to go with it? They’re only $7 from Big W – and they deliver. And remember: always fill your hot water bottle from the tap, not a boiling kettle.

Hot chocolate at home

A steamy cup of rich hot chocolate will put the winter chills behind you. Mörk has a range of hot chocolate kits to choose from. For a decadent splurge, order a home-delivered Campfire kit. It’s got everything you need for a log cabin experience at home. There’s cherry-wood smoke infusion and charcoal salt for that campfire quality. There’s also smoked toffee to nibble on and house-made marshmallows with skewers. Plus a beeswax candle from Melbourne’s Rooftop Honey for toasting.

The kits don’t stop there. The My First Hot Chocolate gift pack is designed for kids, with a cute mini mug. The Hot Chocolate Time pack comes with marshmallows and Florentine biscuits. You can also order a kilo of the Dark Milk & River Salt blend. And a Japanese-designed hot chocolate scoop to stir it. For optimum results, follow Mörk’s recipe for making hot chocolate at home.

A hot chocolate in a clear glass next to a white pouring cup

Create the Mörk campfire at home

Foot warmers

Warm feet, warm heart. It’s time to refresh your stock of leggings, socks and thermal tights. Monster Threads has free shipping for orders over $100, so go to town on their range of Happy Socks and My2Socks. Kangaroos, tigers, cats, stripes. These socks come in every pattern you can think of. For more legwear to make you smile, Bruce Goose specialises in locally made socks. Those thigh-high merino wool thermal socks are a winner.

You can also order online from Obus. Their wool tights will keep your legs toasty. To stand out, choose from plum cable knit or purple herringbone. And for the final word on socks, order a pair of Frida Kahlos from the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre. Adorned with portraits of everyone’s favourite Mexican icon, the socks come in ivory and peacock blue.

Sip the tea

Don’t despair if you’ve run out of tea. T2 has dropped their shipping limit to $50 so you can keep sipping. Melbourne Breakfast is the obvious choice in loose-leaf black tea. For a special occasion, order a foil pack of prized Buddha’s Tears. Watching each tear unfurl and dance in the water is mesmerising. They can deliver black tea, green tea, fruit tea and herbal tea.

North Melbourne’s Kuura Tea Studio specialises in pe-urh teas. It’s a fermented variety from Yunnan Province, China. Order the sampler pack of four favourites for a curated introduction to Chinese tea. Add a tea warmer from Milligram. The stainless-steel warmer is beautifully designed and the tea-light candle warmer is included.

A teapot next to a cup of tea on a desk.

Desktop tea warmer. Pic via Milligram.

Great coffee

If you’re missing your daily coffee run and favourite caffeine fix, the coffee delivery blog can help. You can order world-beating beans from a swag of Melbourne’s coffee experts, including Sensory Lab, Seven Seeds and Industry Beans. You can also add any gear you might need. An AeroPress, grinder, steel and glass dripper, pour-over cones, filters…the latte limit does not exist.

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