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Melbourne magic: Harry Potter and beyond!

We’re so excited about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coming exclusively to Melbourne – but it’s not here until January 2019. These experiences will keep lovers of magic and mayhem happy until then!

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

While you’re waiting for the curtain to go up on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, be sure to buy some tickets! More than 200,000 seats were snapped up by mailing-list subscribers during the highest-selling pre-sale in Australian history, so don’t delay. No self-respecting witch, wizard or muggle will want to miss this two-part play that picks up where the last Potter novel ended.

A group of actors dressed as characters from Harry Potter on a dimly lit theatre stage

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – In Concert

Re-live the magic of the third Harry Potter story, larger than life on the big screen with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Just imagine that magical movie soundtrack played live by a massive orchestra! Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – In Concert dives into the Dark Arts, from Dementors to Sirius Black’s murky past. It’s going to be a bit scary, so start practising your Patronus charm.

Quidditch at Fawkner Park

Who will raise the cup at the end of the Victorian Quidditch Association’s 2018 season? Head down to Fawkner Park and cheer on teams like the Blackburn Basilisks and Melbourne Ravens in the muggle version of quidditch. Although the chasers, keepers, beaters and seekers use non-flying broomsticks, it’s still a pretty amazing game to watch.


Royal Arcade is not quite Diagon Alley, but there is a little magic in the air, especially when you walk into Spellbox. This shop is full of wands, spells, crystals and talismans, cards for divination and books on witchcraft and wizardry. Readers working with everything from tarot cards to rune stones can guide your way, or ask about classes in these mystical arts.

A silk blanket with an assortment of feathers on top, as well as a small dish with smoking incense.


Muses Of Mystery

The Nicholas Building’s warren of eclectic small businesses makes it one of Melbourne’s key hubs for creativity and curiosity. On level two, discover Muses Of Mystery, which offers products and services for the metaphysically minded. From witching herbs, blessing salts and magical jewellery to palmistry, reiki and shamanic healing, it’s a pagan’s paradise.

Old Melbourne Ghost Tour

This 90-minute walking tour might make you think you’ve seen a ghost – though probably not Moaning Myrtle or Nearly Headless Nick. The Old Melbourne Ghost Tour is only about the creepy characters from this city’s past, including our own phantom of the opera. Step back in time and learn about shady places like Chinatown’s opium dens and the slums that supplied bodies for medical science.

The Haunted Bookshop

From Gothic novels to practical guides for casting spells, The Haunted Bookshop is your destination for tomes about the other side. There are more macabre treasures besides books, including DVDs of your favourite scary movies, from silent classics to Tim Burton. Plus new and rare tarot decks, esoteric jewellery, even tickets for Melbourne’s longest running ghost tour.

Illusionaire Magic Show

From card tricks to flying tables, the Illusionaire Magic Show is amazing old-fashioned entertainment. Even the venue has a timeless magic: under the dome at the heritage-listed Mission to Seafarers building. Instead of a magician and his traditional scantily clad female assistant though, you get Sam Angelico and fellow magician, Rosanna. Professor McGonagall would approve.

Melbourne Magic Show: Impossible Occurrences

Witness displays of magic, illusion and mind-reading up close at the Melbourne Magic Show: Impossible Occurrences. You will be mesmerised by magician Luke Hocking through this 80-minute intimate entertainment in the swish surrounds of the five-star Marriott hotel.

A man in a tuxedo holds a wine glass out in front of him, while a blonde woman stands behind him.

Impossible Occurrences