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9 life hacking gadgets you need right now

If those weird viral videos for bizarre life hacks are leading you into temptation, stop right here. Buy a thing or two from these Melbourne shops and help small business while you help yourself.

The Ostritch nap pillow

A quick mid-arvo power nap can do wonders for productivity. But if you’re working from home, you’ll know how hard it is to switch off when it’s time for a break. Cue: the original Ostritch pillow. Nestle your little noggin into the cosy nook of this revolutionary portable napping device and let relaxation take hold. Tuck your hands inside for extra warming comfort. Whether you’re at your desk or dining room table, a 20-minute nigh nigh is now achievable. Available online from Milligram.

A person with a pillow on their head

The Ostritch pillow. Pic via Milligram.

The lost key finder

This Orbitkey bluetooth tracker has a particular set of skills, perfect for when you want to look for, find and keep your keys. Rest it inside your key organizer or key ring, or use the tassel to attach it to other items you constantly misplace. Then with the touch of a button, you’ll be able to find them again. Available online from Monster Threads.

World’s smallest vacuum

We’re all guilty of a little desk snacking. Now that your desk can be practically anywhere in the house, baby crumb piles are probably popping up everywhere. Don’t dig out the Dyson though – this tiny dustbuster will sort you out in seconds. Plug it into a USB port and get tidying.

Desktop tea warmer

Another WFH ill is the long forgotten cup of tea. You really wanted it at the time. But then the emails came in thick and fast and before you knew it, that Dilmah was more of a chill-mah. You can now keep your brew warm with Kinto’s Unitea Tea Warmer. A simple flickering tea light candle placed inside the stainless steel frame will keep your tea at its optimum temp longer. Available online from Milligram.

A teapot next to a cup of tea on a desk.

Desktop tea warmer. Pic via Milligram.

Fog-resistant shower mirror

Shatterproof, fog-resistant and screw-free. The Oliver Shower mirror from Miei Fiori is a winner for anyone that likes to kick off their grooming regime mid-scrub. Brush your teeth, have a shave, foam your hair up into a Ferris Bueller shampoo mo-hawk – whatever. The mirror grips to any shiny surface without suction cups, glue or screws, so installation is easy.

The shower wine holder

Had a look in your fog resistant shower mirror and noticed something missing? Yep, that’s right – you forgot your wine! Make sure your evening drop is always in reaching distance and prop it up in this stylish little holster. The best part? It has a gripping silicone surface, so no need for screws, glues or suctions cups. Available from Top3 by Design and Miei Fiori.

A glass of wine in the shower

Unwind with wine. Pic via Top3 by Design.

The instant nut splitter

Quit labouring over that impenetrable bag of pistachio nuts. Top3’s Australian designed, Italian made heart-shaped nut splitter is an absolute cracker. Walnuts will mock you no longer from within their hardened shells – you’ll have the last laugh as you crack each one wide open with ease. Looking chic as all get out at the same time. Buy healthy fat-loaded treats from the Sweet & Nut Shop and get cracking.

Wall mounted lid holders

If you’ve got limited cupboard space and the pantry is packed, willy nilly stacking is inevitable. Which makes shattered lids, scratched pans and other broken crockery mishaps inevitable too. Make use of the vertical space in your kitchen and tape in a few Joseph Joseph lid holders. The simple design means standard sized pan lids can clip in with ease. Available online from Make Designed Objects.

Two saucepan lids mounted on a wall

Joseph Joseph lid organisers. Pic via Make Designed Objects.

The 7-function Headgehog comb

In the words of Gotye, your hair’s a mess – and you can’t live like this. Let the Zootility spiked grooming tool sort your tresses in a cinch. Then flip it around and use as a phone stand while you snap a selfie of your fresh new look. Worked up a thirst? Grab a cold one and pop that bottle open with the Headgehog in your hand. The possibilities are endless.

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