Laneway lovers guide to Meyers Place

Meyers Place is filled with hidden gems. Whether you’re searching for somewhere a little bit romantic or a little bit special, this laneway has it all.

The bars

Lane’s Edge

Step through the slim entrance to Lane’s Edge to find an oasis from metropolitan Melbourne. Lusciously redecorated with floral greenery, keep an eye on the rear courtyard in summer. At the moment, bubbling soups, pizzas and hearty grilled dishes will keep you warm. Pair it with a local wine, beer or cider.

A busy bar courtyard with lots of people sitting at tables with greenery and umbrellas

Lane’s Edge café and bar

Bar Carlo

The owners of the cult Meyers Lane upstairs pasta bar, the Italian Waiters Club, recently opened Bar Carlo on the former site of the old Meyer Place bar.  Named after the owner family’s grandfather Carlo, and run by granddaughter Alana, this Northern Italian-style bar and eatery is open from 7am weekdays for early birds seeking a caffiene fix and a pastry or panini. Night owls are directed towards the exclusively stocked Leone aperitivo (like an Aperol or Campari), Venetian cicchetti-style snacks and all-Italian wine list.

Lily Blacks

If you wander into Lily Blacks today, you’re sure of a big surprise. Creative, innovative cocktails is the script of the night. From pre-prohibition libations to avante-garde modern classics, you’ll find it served up here, late into the night.

The food

San Telmo

In classic Argentinian style, the menu at San Telmo is made for sharing and caring. Nibble through tangy ceviches, smoky charcoal-grilled meat and fresh salads. Try an alfajor for dessert, an Argentine cookie filled with dulce de leche.

A table with a huge amount of food on it

San Telmo

Waiters Restaurant

Originally an establishment where waiters would gather post-shift, Waiters Restaurant now attracts Melburnians from all walks of life. Expect rich, Nonna-style meals including their famous ricotta ravioli or cheesy meat lasagna. Follow the narrow stairwell to Italian heaven.

The rooftop

One of Melbourne’s favourite rooftop bars, Loop Roof hosts a range of events throughout the month. Cosy up with a generous drinks list. The barbie-pink ‘portello fizz’ features ingredients including gin and bitter orange-blossom water. For the peckish, $8 pizzas will keep stomachs and hearts full. Don’t miss an epic showdown between Australia and America when Hop Nation go four rounds against Brooklyn Brewery as part of Good Beer Week. Sunday 14 May 1 – 3:30pm. And underneath…

Lots of people sitting at tables and drinking in a rooftop bar

Loop roof bar

The creative hubs

Not only a bar but a creative hub to celebrate local and international talent, Loop Project Space & Bar is a must-visit. Featuring a program of film, video and audio-performances, come along for a sophisticated, welcoming environment. Check out their online calendar for a feast of film, art, mixed media, music and more. If you’ve always harboured secret ambitions to perform in front of a crowd, head to Improv Conspiracy Training Centre & Theatre. They offer public workshops as well as original shows from Thursday to Sunday.

The hidden Japanese bathhouse

Onsen Ma is a Japanese sanctuary hiding on the first level of 12 Meyers Place. Drown out the day’s stress with a traditional Japanese bath (“onsen”). Reaching up to 40 degrees, onsens are credited to promote blood circulation and ease tension. Along with bath packages, Japanese massages are also available.

A spa with steam coming out of it

Onsen Ma, the hidden Japanese bathhouse