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Melbourne for the Anti-Valentine

If Valentine’s Day normally has you rolling your eyes and harrumphing at its sentimentality, then this blog is for you. (If you love all that lovey-dovey stuff, stop reading now, and read our Bring the love post.)
To douse the flames of eternal love, and sing out loud ‘I am single and I am proud,’ we’ve come up with some great activities to help you scorn rather than be scorned this Valentine’s Day.
Awkward Photos
Helping you to take your anti-Valentine’s stance to the next level is Melbourne Central, with their delightfully Awkward Photo Booth. It comes equipped with costumes, props and a serious sense of humour.

Get awkward this Valentine's Day

Get awkward this Valentine’s Day

We all know garlic and romance really don’t go hand in hand, so to ensure you avoid any closeness on Valentine’s Day, we recommend chomping on these tasty treats. Brand new kids on the block, The Slice Girls, have a super special item on their menu called Date Killer Garlic Bread. If you want to be a little more subtle, pick up a Souvlaki (and whisper a request for bonus garlic sauce) from Kalamaki Greek Street Food.
Mmmmm garlic.

Mmmmm garlic

Valenstein’s Day
Nothing that rhymes with Frankenstein can be considered fit for romance. A must for any serious Bromance, Valenstein’s Day  at Munich Brauhaus, promotes togetherness with beer.
Dive Bars
There’s absolutely something charming about dive bars. We love them, but we’re willing to admit they aren’t the greatest place to stoke the fires of love. Some of our favourite in Melbourne are The Beaufort, Boney and The Ding Dong Lounge.
Drinks for one this Valentines?

Drinks for one this Valentines?

Get your giggle on
We all know people are a bit Anti-romance when they’re feeling down. What better way to cheer yourself up than with a good laugh. With comedy shows 6 nights a week, The Comic’s Lounge has you covered.
How do you escape the Valentine’s Day blues?