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Melbourne for carnivores

If you’re on the hunt for hearty meat dishes that’ll have you roaring from the hilltops, we have some wildly-delicious carnivorous feasts in store for you.
Or if you’re a veggie-lover, skip over to our write-up on tasty vegan lunch spots where we dish up the city’s greener eats.
Great (meat) balls of fire! For the kind of meatballs Tony Soprano wouldn’t pass by, treat your tummy to the Meatball & Wine Bar on Flinders Lane. We devoured the classic beef in a red sauce, but there are plenty of varieties to work your way through if you plan on returning – trust us, you will.
If it’s steak you need, give your iron levels a kick-start with a slab of the finest from Grill Steak Seafood on Hardware Lane, and don’t forget the $5 Steak night at Steakhouse 66 in Docklands.

Arrive hungry as you'll want to eat loads at the Meatball & Wine Bar on Flinders Lane

Arrive hungry as you’ll want to eat your body weight in meat at the Meatball & Wine Bar

We know you Melburnians are bonkers for barbecue, so here’s the scoop on where to get some messy and delicious goodies from the grill.

  • Finger lickin’ ribs: Nieuw Amsterdam for lamb ribs with a drool-worthy honey spiced rub.
  • Pulled Pork: Sate the hunger beast within at Fancy Hanks’ Banjo–B–Que on Sundays.
  • Brisket: Kansas City style saucy beef brisket at Big Boy BBQ. If you don’t get messy eating here then you ain’t doing it right.
  • DIY: Impress mates with your skills on the grill and barbecue it your way at Izakaya Chuji.

They take their BBQ seriously at Hardware Lane's Big Boy BBQ

They take their BBQ seriously at Hardware Lane’s Big Boy BBQ

Prefer your meat of the fairer variety? You’ll be in chook-lover’s heaven at Fomo Thai on Bourke Street. We went nuts over the Krapow Chicken with Basil and chilli and fried egg on top – the perfect meal if you’re feeling a little unwell from last night’s after-work drinks. Fomo is also world-famous in Melbourne for their ‘Crying Tiger’dish: char-grilled beef tenderloin served with tangy dipping sauce. Yum!
Hot and spicy Krapow Chicken at Fomo Thai

Hot and spicy Krapow Chicken at Fomo Thai

And the rest…
Quackers for duck? Sample some of the finest authentic roast Peking Duck at Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant.
More pork you say! We’ve head rumours  you can build your own suckling pig pancakes at Chin Chin on Flinders Lane. Say ‘goodbye diet’.
For a taste of NYC, grab a classic reuben sandwich from Bowery to Williamsburg.
What have we missed? Where’s your favourite meat haven?