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Meet your local Melbourne designers

From dapper chaps to dazzling dames, there’s no denying that Melburnians are a sassy, stylish bunch. We tracked down our world-famous Melbourne ‘look’ by visiting the city’s very own independent designers, who bring bold and colourful style to our city streets and wardrobes.
Drop by to shop, say hi, or just be inspired for next season’s wardrobe!


If Elvis had known about Habbot shoes he would have tossed in the blue suede and squeezed into a pair of silver ‘Sprinkles’ brogues in a heartbeat. Designed in Melbourne by Annie Abbott, and made in Italy, these gorgeous luxury shoes for women (sorry, Elvis) aren’t afraid to take risks when it comes to colour and a sense of fun. Do anything, but lay off my Habbot shoes!

You can do anything, but lay off my Habbot shoes!

You can do anything, but lay off my Habbot shoes!

Lady Petrova

Tucked down Scott Alley off Flinders Lane is Lady Petrova’s ethereal fashion wonderland. The clothing is colourful, whimsical and designed to bring out every woman’s inner girl. The force behind the fashion is Petrova Hammond who designs her garments in Melbourne while squeezing in time to run empowering classes for women with The School of Fabulousness.

Step into a wonderland of colourful clothing designed in Melbourne, at Lady Petrova

Step into a wonderland of colourful clothing designed in Melbourne at Lady Petrova

Leonard St

Melbourne designer Amanda McCarthy named her Leonard St label after a buzzing East London Street. Today, her label captures the European aesthetic while remaining unmistakeably Melbourne in it’s striking bespoke prints – many of which she designs by hand.


Forget ‘rose-coloured glasses’. If you want to change your view of the world, put on a pair of Limedrop Funglasses and let the rainbow kaleidoscope begin. Limedrop’s adventurous spirit carries through their classic, yet fun, range of clothing, jewellery, swimwear and bedding. Designer Clea Garrick works from Melbourne and draws inspiration from the Australian landscape, travel and a sense of discovery.

The world looks a whole lot brighter through Limedrop's Funglasses

The world looks a whole lot brighter through Limedrop’s Funglasses

Design a Space

Established in 2006, Design a Space is a retail concept store that brings together a collection of talented Melbourne and Australian designers under one roof. Shop for special one-off items that you won’t see anywhere else, and feel good about giving independent Australian designers the support they need to keep making cool stuff.
So spill the beans, where do you fashion-forward folks get your head-turning threads?