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Meet the buskers of Melbourne

Often described as a living canvas for street artists, musicians and performers, Melbourne is bursting with talent in every nook and cranny.
Busker's foot with tambourine attached, with guitar pedals and sound mixing desk in background
It’s no surprise then that the extensive street performance culture here evolves and changes as quickly as the weather. From magicians and vaudevillian performers at Southbank and Federation Square to the sheer variety of acts that line Swanston Street, this pool of talent is on display wherever you wander.
At the city’s heart, Bourke Street Mall is home to an ever-changing list of buskers – musicians of all kinds, living statues, acrobats and even balloon manipulators (otherwise known as balloon animal makers).   For a bit of a taster, watch this video and let some of Bourke Street’s buskers entertain you.

Where do you find your favourite Melbourne street performers?