The mac ‘n cheese that dreams are made of

Rich, creamy and carby – what’s better than perfectly crusty mac ‘n cheese? For some of Melbourne’s best, head to one of these fine cheesy diners.

A bisque fancy

You’ll need to be saved from Meatmaiden’s lobster mac ‘n cheese. Hitting the table topped with plump pieces of lobster, the mac ‘n cheese oozes with a five-cheese béchamel sauce. Order a few for the table, to prevent all out cheese wars.

A hand using fork to eat cheesy lobster macaroni and cheese dish.

Lobster mac ‘n cheese at Meatmaiden

The famous mac

Melbourne’s reigning mac ‘n cheese king, enjoying the mac ‘n cheese at Rockpool Bar & Grill is practically a rite of passage. Cooked with smoky speck and served sizzling, each delicately prepared piece of pasta almost seems coated in crusty topping.

A baked cheese and macaroni dish served in an iron skillet.

Mac ‘n cheese at Rockpool Bar and Grill

Deep fried gems

Home of the deep fried and over-the-top burgers, Grand Trailer Park Taverna’s mac ‘n cheese croquettes are un-brie-able. Feeling game? Try the Francis Underwood – a burger with a mac ‘n cheese croquette wedged into the middle.

A deep fried croquette cut open with macaroni and cheese oozing out

Mac ‘n cheese croquettes at Grand Trailer Park Taverna

The royal treatment

Mac ‘n cheese is fit for a king at Royal Stacks. The ‘king’ burger comes with a beef patty, tomato, butter lettuce, sauces and a mac ‘n cheese croquette. If you’d rather order it on the side, the handmade goodies are available individually. Potato gems and fries can also be coated in cheese, because why not?

Bombs away!

An everlasting couple, fried chicken at Belleville requires a side of mac ‘n cheese. The ‘fat mac’ is a combination of three cheese, bacon jam, cheezels and bacon crumbs. The truffle lobster mac ‘n cheese bombs are served with Japanese mustard and bacon jam.

Hand using fork to eat lobster macaroni and cheese dish.

Truffle 3-cheese lobster mac ‘n cheese at Belleville. Picture: Gareth Sobey