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Life hacks and gadgets for Melbourne tea lovers

There’s nothing like a good cup of tea. Add some ceremony to your cuppa with these tips and accessories.

Unitea One Touch teapot

What’s more relaxing than savouring a cup of tea? Watching it steep and change colour in a glass teapot from Kinto, that’s what. The super-stylish, heat-resistant design is an instant classic. The lid doubles as a stainless-steel strainer, so it’s no-fuss as well. And unlike an infuser, the tealeaves have room to dance and breathe. Throw in a few blooming tea balls, add boiling water and watch the flower buds unfurl. You’ll find Kinto’s Japanese-designed teawares at Milligram.

A teapot on a wooden desk

Kinto one touch teapot

White Magic cup cleaner

Day in, day out, your favourite teacup works hard for you. With all that use, no wonder it’s getting a bit streaked. White Magic tea-stain removers from Wilkins and Kent will do the trick. The super-fine fibres get right into the porcelain to leave your mugs and cups super clean. The pads are chemical-free, so the only thing you need is water and a bit of oomph. The pack comes with five pads and a long handle for those hard-to-reach corners.

Japanese tea set

There’s everything you need for traditional Japanese tea at Made in Japan. Their gunmetal boxed set includes a bamboo-handled teapot and four ceramic bowls. And if you’re making your cup of matcha in the time-honoured fashion, add a bamboo tea whisk as well. It will ensure your green tea is perfectly blended, topped with the right amount of foam.

Gongfu tea travel kit

Whether you’re taking your tea into the garden or further afield, Kuura’s tea travel kit will have you sipping in style. The zip-cased caddy includes four light-blue porcelain teacups and a matching gaiwan. That’s a lidded tea bowl to you and me. Plus there’s the essential glass ‘fair cup’ for serving your tea. And a navy blue teacloth. Check out Kuura’s step-by-step tips for brewing your tea gongfu style. It’s the traditional Chinese way.

A set of tea glasses and cups

Kit up with Kuura

Blooming Flowers

To add a little glam to your cuppa, sip your mint or apple tisane from a Blooming Flowers cup and saucer from T2. Exquisite gold wildflowers are sprinkled on a dainty set of transparent glass. It looks as delicate as thistledown, but don’t worry. The glass is super lightweight yet strong. So go on, add the matching teapot to your collection as well.

Organic licorice tea

Licorice tea is a Chinese medicine staple, hailed as an anti-inflammatory and diuretic. Even better, it tastes sweet and flavoursome too. The organic cut licorice root is grown in Egypt and it’s free of caffeine. Order 100 grams from McIver’s and give it a go. If you think it’s a winner, you can order a kilo and grab a 15% discount. You’ll also find a great range of green teas at McIver’s.

A tea pot on a small table with mugs and magazines beside it

Take 20 mins for a luxurious tea break

Set and forget iced tea maker

For a refreshing sip, check in with the experts at Lupicia. Their super simple tea coolers come in two sizes and are designed to fit perfectly in your fridge door. The stylish glass tumbler is also heat resistant, so you can top it up with your favourite brew fresh out of the teapot. Sweet and juicy melon oolong or zesty papaya paradise are a couple of great tastes to try.

Copper cleaning cloths

Now that your cups are squeaky clean, what about your porcelain teapot? Finely threaded knitted copper cloths from Gewürzhaus are ideal for ceramics. They’re non-abrasive, and won’t scratch when wet. Use plenty of water and you won’t need chemical detergents to get your teapot clean. The cloths are made in Austria, and come in a pack of two.

Relax pack

To really take time out with tea, indulge yourself with a Local Relax pack from Melbournalia. The kit comes with Chai Walli’s award-winning chai blend that ticks all the boxes. High-grade single origin small batch organic fair trade. Yep, it’s a truly authentic chai tea. The blend of exotic spices includes cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, roses and star anise. To add to the relaxation, the pack’s wheatbag eye mask will ensure a great night’s sleep after you’ve sipped your chai. And the kit comes in a Melbournalia gift bag.

An eye mask with loose leaf tea around it

Relax with Melbournalia

Bath brew green tea

Stop! Don’t brew this tea in your teapot. This giant teabag from Monsterthreads is for your bathtub. The 120g bag is filled with tea tree, organic seaweed and calendula botanicals. Take a detoxifying long soak in this green tonic, and you’ll emerge refreshed and re-energised. For the full effect, make yourself a cup of sencha to enjoy while you bathe.

Automatic tea bag squeezing spoon

Got tea by the bag? Squeeze out every last drop with the Alessi Teo Tea Bag Spoon from Make Designed Objects. The sleek silver spoon scoops up your tea bag (no burnt fingers here) and harvests those final flavourful sips. Then set it aside as you finish your brew without fear of errant drips.

A silver spoon with a tea bag in it

Squeeze every last drop from your tea bag. Pic via Make Designed Objects website.

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