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Melbourne’s best garden growing gadgets and tools

Up your garden game this spring with awesome ideas perfect for any green space, from a quaint inner city balcony to a sprawling suburban backyard. No balcony? No worries – a windowsill will do for plenty of these ideas.

A garden full of plants and hanging greenery

Backyard, balcony or sunny windowsill. A glorious garden is within your reach.

Vertical garden essentials

While we are in lockdown, head to Spoilt online to check out their full range of quirky wall-hanging wonders. The cute range of patterned planters for your wall can transform any vertical space into a lush green garden. A falling plant like this Silver Falls from Folia House is perfect for pots above eye level. Their range of hardy cacti are great for those who don’t have a green thumb.

Self-watering pots for forgetful plant parents

La Plant self-watering pots are the best option for black thumbs who still want a bit of greenery in their life. While you’re there pick up a few pretty ornamental plants like this popular Monstera Delicosa. Miei Fiori also stock these luxe self-watering planters – and for those who like no-fuss gardening, they even offer pre-planted self-watering orchids. Easy as.

An apartment living room with plants in it

You can never go wrong with Monstera

The sleek Scandi style watering globe

Your greenery deserves a little bling too. This futuristic, stainless steel watering globe from Georg Jensen will make them the envy of all other house plants. The globe slowly releases water over the course of 2 to 3 days, so your precious plant baby gets just the right amount of hydration. And the reflective surface means you can stop sprinkling mirror shards in your quest to keep birds away. Check out more from GJ’s Terra garden range.

Seed mix to bring all the bees to the yard

Welcome bees into your garden or balcony green space with Rooftop Honey’s special bee-friendly seed mix from Melbournalia. The seasonal seedlings encourage bio-diversity, and combine a range of herbs, flowers, and other plants that insects love. Want to make sure you draw as many pollinators as possible? Spotty Dot’s bee hotels are the perfect lure.

Three jars filled with soil and small sprouts

Lure in super pollinators with sweet seedlings

Hydrate house plants with a humidifier

A common cause of lacklustre houseplants is the dry environment caused by heat and air conditioning. Keep your plants automatically misted with a nearby humidifier, like this one from Top3 By Design. Keep them looking shiny after dusting by spritzing them with a protective layer of this handy leaf shine spray, which deters dust build-up.

The ultimate indoor jungle guide (no balcony required)

Don’t have a garden – or even a balcony – and don’t know where to start with your gardening journey? Research is key. Head to Readings online and search for the best book to suit your indoor iso gardening project. This kitchen gardening handbook is an excellent option for those who prefer to keep it inside. Or you could try your own DIY terrarium kit from Art Stems on Lygon.

A glass terrarium filled with a plant on a desk

Terrariums make the perfect mini desk garden

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