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Lazy person’s guide to up-skilling in iso

Master the souffle, learn to crochet in front of the telly and take a ballet class using your couch. Here’s a heap of easy ways to tick off ‘learn a new skill’ from your iso to-do list.

Cook up a storm

Whip up Vue de Monde’s famous dessert in your own kitchen with the Chocolate Souffle Masterclass. Order the kit online and tune into chef Hugh’s step by step video guide to perfecting the ultimate rise.

Master Pad Thai and papaya salad in a single streaming session. Then step it up with red curry fish cakes, salmon ceviche and caramelised pork belly. BangPop’s chef-led Thai cooking classes send the ingredients to you. So no need to brave the supermarket.

Vue de Monde's Chocolate Souffle

Vue de Monde’s Chocolate Souffle Masterclass

Iso upskill

Take a Law Week webinar and learn from the experts. Daydreaming about a dream house? Make it a reality with Tips and Traps for Buying and Selling Property. Confused about what COVID-19 means for your job security? Get the facts in Employment Law in the Uncertain Times of COVID-19.

Learn a digital language with a General Assembly coding workshop. Master the basics that run the web with the live-streamed Intro HTML & CSS class, 14 May. Or start your app startup by with Intro to Python Programming and write your first piece of script, 19 May.

Make music

Grab your uke and strum along in an online Community Ukulele Sessions. Relaxed and informal, it’s perfect for complete beginners. You’ll be strumming Somewhere Over the Rainbow in no time.

Not into an at-home gym sesh? Try The Music Gym instead. These 30-minute sessions are tailored to your instrument and skill level.

Person playing guitar

Get a musical workout with The Music Gym


Released weekly, ACCA’s free at home art-ivities are perfect for the young and young at heart alike. Or sign up for the ACCA Book Club, to share what you’ve been reading, writing or listening to.

Got time on your hands? From custom slot cars to mini model railways Hearn’s Hobbies have a kit waiting. Just starting out? Jump on their YouTube channel for live streamed tips and tutorials.

Take No Vacancy Gallery’s Stay in Drawing challenge. Dive into zero-reference doodling, try plant portraiture and then get abstract with collage.

Grab a pencil and get sketchy with guest artists in the NGV drop by drawing series. Join Kenny Pittock for finger warm-ups, before finding some fruitful inspiration for sketching fruit. Or get colourful with Minna Gilligan, as she shows you how to take inspo from Andy Warhol’s pop art portraits.

Get out the crochet hook and get hooked on this meditative pastime. Laneway Learning has Crochet 101 to guide beginners through the perfect square technique. Then take on Crochet Next Steps. Make blankets, scarves, hats and bags to gift to friends and fam at post-iso reunions.

Person's hands crocheting

Learn to crochet with Laneway Learning

Dancing on my own

Get inspired by The Australian Ballet’s digital season. Then join artistic director David McAllister’s for an at-home ballet workout. All ages and all abilities welcome. Whether you have two left feet or feel at home at the barre (bench, table or chair!), you’ll soon be on your way to the perfect pirouette

Debut your new moves at the Friday Night Dance Party on 8 May. Don your grooviest threads, mood-light your iso d-floor and get loose in your living room. Maree will demo Jazz, latin, afro dance, disco, go go, Beyonce booty and hip hop moves to try. While the DJ spins beats from the sixties to the noughties.