You know you live in Melbourne when….

We’ll admit it: Melburnians have some odd habits. A beautiful, bustling population that can’t quite compare to any other city in the world, here are some of the ways to tell you’ve become a true Melburnian.

#1 You know that coffee is our biggest religion and to desecrate Melbourne’s coffee culture is blasphemy of the highest order.

Hands holding a cappuccino

Hash Specialty Coffee

#2 You’ve camped on a rooftop in glamping style. Soaring spaces above Melbourne’s skyline, Notel’s pink-stained graffiti space hosts one of the most unique boutique hotels in the world. Six chrome, gentrified Airstreams shipped from America work as hotel rooms. St Jerome’s Hotel is Melbourne’s luxury glamping hotel, nestled above Melbourne Central and steps away from the city bars, restaurants and shopping.


A big tent on a rooftop surrounded by skyscrapers

St Jerome’s Hotel, Melbourne’s glamping rooftop hotel

#3 The cold doesn’t put you off meeting your mates at a rooftop bar (or anywhere outdoors). In the rain, hail and shine (in order of statistical likelihood) of winter, Melburnians will determinedly huddle around heaters, penguin-style. Have a drink in one hand, and the other by the heaters at Loop Roof, Arbory Bar or Garden State Hotel. Seasons are for the weak, after all–pop on a beer jacket instead.

A restaurant overlooking the river with a wooden deck and big heaters

Arbory Bar and Eatery

#4 You don’t dress up for the opera, ballet, theatre…ever. All black is (of course) standard attire, anything beyond that is going above and beyond.

A girl sitting outside a shop looking at her phone

Melbourne black

#5 You plan your overseas trips around AFL season.

#6 You reach for your phone before your fork at brunch (and lunch, and dinner). Pictures, or the meal didn’t happen, especially if you’re brunching at White Mojo or Rustica.

#7 The queues for the restaurants are longer than the queues for nightclubs. You not only expect the hour (…or two hour) wait, you embrace it as a sign of Melbourne’s delightfully booming food scene. You don’t understand why foreigners complain about wait times.

#8 You’ve tried poke, cronuts and rainbow lattes, because Melbourne is always ahead in the food game.

A bowl of fish and salad with a drink in a bottle, sitting on some grass

Poke from Poked

#9 You look for bar entrances everywhere – through unsigned solid brick walls, up dingy staircases and through “no entry” doors.