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The Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition in photos

Just saying his name can make you feel more fabulous. That’s right folks, fashion superstar Jean Paul Gaultier is in town to open his touring exhibition, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier, From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk.
At the NGV until February 2015, the exhibition is a flamboyant fusion of art and high fashion, showing off the bold and beautiful creations that have made Gaultier a household name.
We snapped some highlights from the show, but nothing beats seeing it first hand – you’ll kick yourself with a stiletto if you miss it!
Two mannequins with realistic faces wearing black gowns
The exhibition features 32 ‘animated’ mannequins that come to life with the aid of audio visual projections. Gaultier’s celebrity chums provide the faces and voices of these unnervingly lifelike creations – see if you recognise any!
Mannequins with realistic faces in flowing gowns and halo-like headwear
Stunning imagery is everywhere – the model below right wears an evening gown from the ‘Virgins’ collection, designed for Madonna in 2007. The hefty headdress is made from coral and metal.
Two photographs on gallery wall of models with ornate headwear
Known for his cheeky sense of humor, Gaultier makes a sneaky cameo as one of the ‘living’ mannequins.
Mannequins with realistic faces wearing sailor-inspired clothing
Gaultier’s beautiful muses transform the walls of the NGV.
Photo of model wearing black and white gown, on gallery wall
Strike a pose! Madonna’s cone bra is on display – Gaultier designed all the costumes for Madge’s 1990 Blonde Ambition tour (it’s possible Gaultier did the only cool stuff to come out of the ’90s).
Cone-shaped bra with photo of Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier in background
Gaultier’s hope for the exhibition was to transport people to the Paris fashion shows they may never get to see, making his art and fashion accessible to everyone.
Mannequin wearing full-body covering and matching accessories
More scenes from the catwalk…
Mannequins on catwalk-themed display
Gaultier pays tribute to the London punk, who like him, rebelled against the status quo through fashion.
Mannequin in punk-inspired outfit, including Union Jack mohawk headwear, sitting on chair
Gaultier’s creations in the ‘Skin Deep’ section of the exhibit highlight the beauty of the body, with his models often appearing – at first glance – nude or tattooed.
Mannequins displayed in flesh-coloured outfits
Every room takes you into a different Gaultier-inspired world. Pack an open mind and your imagination.
Mannequins in various outfits posed in red-curtained display
Style, beauty and true originality like you’ve never seen before. Gaultier, you get our standing ovation.
Fashion mannequins in gallery space

What’s your favourite work by Jean Paul Gaultier?