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Introducing La Tortilleria: the authentic tortilla bakery

The Mexican craze that’s swept Melbourne is showing no signs of waning. The newest addition is La Tortilleria, bringing joy to the locals of Kensington.
But owners Geraldo and Diana don’t compare it to other Mexican restaurants, because although La Tortilleria is also a casual eatery, it’s primarily about bringing fresh, authentic tortillas to Melbourne. This is clear when you enter the cheerful Stubb Street premises and notice the impressive floor-to-ceiling glass cabinets filled to the brim with corn.
Geraldo and Diana are proud that theirs is the only tortilleria in Melbourne using the Nixtamel method (discovered by the Aztecs), where the corn is soaked overnight, then stone ground, made into dough, pressed and baked.
This method results in a more rustic, nutritious and easily digestible tortilla, compared to those made quickly with masa (corn) flour and water. The tortillas are vegan, free of additives and preservatives, and also gluten free.
If you’re more interested in eating than cooking, you can choose from the succinct menu, which includes quesadillas and tacos Al Pastor (caramelised pork topped with pineapple). Vegans are catered for too, with a frijole (bean) option and a ‘chorizo’ that’s actually seasoned tofu. For something sweet, try the Mexican flan or spicy hot chocolate.
La Tortilleria also stocks Mexican groceries, such as mole – the earthy sauce made with cumin, cinnamon, chilli and dark chocolate – and cajeta (goat’s milk caramel). In other words, whether you live in Kensington or not, it’s worth a trip to La Tortilleria.